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[Report- Ninjalooting] Covidneintea

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Wyattearpp    0

Your name - Stormfather
Reported player's name - Covidneintea
Date - 08/01/2020
Rule that was broken - Loot distribution to OS person after it was rolled MS and it was rolled on/won. 
Description - Tank ring from Anub dropped. It was rolled MS...only I rolled MS on it. Confirmed won via addon in chat. Re-rolled later on, and distributed to someone for OS. Messaged that person to try and get it, they ignored me and left raid (Freesong). Attached screenshots of all of the above. 
Evidence - Screenshots attached from chat/roll addon/loot distribution. 

WoWScrnShot_080120_192819 - Roll.jpg

WoWScrnShot_080120_192822 - Winner.jpg

WoWScrnShot_080120_192843 - Given to Freesong.jpg



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