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reporting gm setup abuseing power intturpting arena 3v3 going on forceing loseing

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reporting  GM  setup  for annoying  my gameplay  over and over  with proves and SS : 

first of all i  really doubt this gm is a stable  person  ....  i im  getting dc  inside arena  soloq  and 2v2 and 3v3   cuzed by server bug" not useing  large aware adress"  a problem was fixed today  by  ticket i made and answered by gm  crafty which told me to do !laa   and it was fixed

but b4 it was fixed i  got multi  dc's due  of useing  bad  laptop   with barly 3 GB rams

clearly one of the players  did view  video im getting dc inside one of those arenas  and  that GM setup   cant tell if player is afking on  purpus or actully getting  dc + offline right after  for over 3 min to be back 

this gm banned me first time 12 hours and it was  ok np  mistakes  happens  he said my  behavior is bad and i was ok with it  ,

but after that  today 12:20 server time     i was playing  3v3 arena match and he pulled me  from inside arena made my team lose  and then banned me 24 hours  and  saying  some video was  posted   to him as prove  now i couldnt handel  the    beef this gm  have  with me ... or the   lack of his  wow exp  and at this game  .

i hope my  deserter debuff be removed  and the  misunderstanding with this gm is solved . 

kind regards  



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