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[Report- Ninjalooting] Rafii

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kamstarka    0

Your name - Kamstarka
Reported player's name - Rafii or Jayzus or Fjutek
Date - 30 jul 2020
Rule that was broken - Raid Leader Rafii ninja [Hellscream Slicer] for Jayzus
Description - No main spec. The Jayzus tank gave this axe to the rogue Fjutek. Apparently, this is his friend, a strange scheme, please sort it out. A screenshot from the armory after the raid and a screenshot in the raid of the Fjutek player are available. In the video  Fjutek during the roll of the axe protects the tank, which rolls not main spec, and then quietly this tank gives the axe after the raid to this rogue Fjutek
Evidence -








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Rafiii    0


As a raid leader and casual player without a guild and friends :D I decided to give item for person who won the roll. The paladin and rogue aren't my friends. I think it was good raid because 2 trinkets drops there and all of raiders get satisfied by this fact. In my opinion casual player like don't need to know bis list for all characters, paladin just argued to me that this axe is good for him and i trusted him (some raiders tells the same). I just tried to collect raid where nothing items are reserved. Thats all from me, cheers and good luck in next raids. I think I'm not a ninja, I just gave an item to the person who get the biggest roll.

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