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[Report] Qae

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Peneroccia    0

Your name - Peneroccia
Reported player's name - Qae
Date -28/07/2020
Rule that was broken - 11. Losing on purpose

Description - Player Named Qae is queuing in random battleground staying AFK, insulting people in /bg chat while griefing the battleground by losing on purpose favoring the enemy faction. He moved his character just in the last 20 seconds by doing very little dmg after being threatened of a report on forums but he was in the battleground since the very beginning. I see this everyday, hordes are using afk accounts in alliance battlegrounds just for griefing and helping premades win more.

Evidence  - Check screenshots




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Azureuz    16

Same situation as in the report below. 
We'll add the player to our watchlist.


(*) Info for the future reports, it will be a way easier if you will report a suspicious afking player through the ingame ticket. It will help to solve this type of issue way faster than a forum report.

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