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[Report] Raikoz , Diancecht

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amed80    23

Your name - Amedinfo
Reported player's name - Raikoz , Diancecht
Date -28/07/2020
Rule that was broken - 15. Having many accounts from the same IP is allowed, but sometimes, if the case demands it, we may punish all the accounts belonging to one player.
Description - Player Named Raikoz is using double account inside of RDF and claiming it's "his girlfriend" and they have 3 person with the same IP , but as the screen shown below the Priest (Diancecht) does less damage then me when i was the holy and she was Spriest on Ichoron ... they kicked the tank for making a ticket about them and after that they kicked me for confronting them about it's against TOS ... i don't know what evidence they have about it's another person playing but can't figure it out that that damage as she was just on follow ...
Evidence -



i don't care about the insults in whispers as i can ignore them (and already did for no future encounter) but at least he (they idk) should have a warning about going into dungeon with more than one accounts and trying to ruin other players experience while kicking them from RDF ...

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Azureuz    16


According to the attached screenshots, it's hard to state if player was multiboxing more the 2 accounts at the same time. 
We'll add the player (or players) to our watchlist and will monitor their behaviour while the future RDF runs. 

(*) Info for the future reports, it will be a way easier if you will report a multiboxing player through the ingame ticket. It will help to solve this type of issue instantly once the player is reported.


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