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Report - Unfair loot distribution Medyqu

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Careqt    0


Your name -Careqt
Reported player's name -Medyqu
Date - 26/7/2020
Rule that was broken - ninjalooting

Today I (careqt) joined a pug TOC25 leaded by Medyqu.
Loot distribution rules were stated at the start as the following: Armor prio, all for roll.
When "Solace of the Fallen" droped Medyqu told that the trinket would be rolled for after Anub.

I won the roll with 93, but Medyqu would not give it to me. Instead the let the 2de and 3th reroll.
Teo won the reroll. I asked both players (Teo and Medyqu) nicely to give me the trinket. 
Medyqu refused and Teo acted like he did not understand english.

Evidence -


Hoping for swift justice,


Edited by Careqt
uncrop screenshots

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Ayukap    11

Greetings  @Careqt

Evidence has to be unedited - whether it is a video or a screenshot. Please add all uncropped screenshots.

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Stilnox    3

Emm, and why would u use solace on mage? xd

Solace is reserved for healers because it has mp5, for the same reason healers are not rolling for reign even tho it has spellpower which is important on healers ;] 

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