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[Report- Ninjalooting] Paranoja

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Your name - PletfriPalle


Reported player's name - Paranoja
Date - 26/07/2020
Rule that was broken - Ninja looting
Description - In a pug ToC25 run with stat prio, Archon Glaive dropped. As a ret paladin i rolled the highest, but was not given the item with the reasoning it has Armor Pen. However, since all ToC25 weapons has armor pen, this would imply that i would not be able to roll on any weapon. Instead it was given to a guildmate("Odgryziona") of the Raid Leader("Paranoja") who played a tank druid - who does not need armor pen either. The highest roll from a spec using all the stats was Hassanblack as an arms warrior.

Evidence - Screenshots below. Videos available from wetransfer link: https://we.tl/t-vWs80Ynp41






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amed80    23

@BeduggedeBent please upload full screenshots 

"Evidence has to be unedited - whether it is a video or a screenshot."

For people saying Arm pen is not for Ret let me just say Auto attack is the most damage source for a Ret .

There's a total of 5 2-handed weapon ilevel 245 Reckoning (ToGC10) (has Arm pen) , Lothar's Edge (ToGC10 25 Tri) , Justicebringer (ToC25) (has Arm pen) , Fordragon Blades (ToGC10) (has Arm pen) and Archon Glaive (ToC25) (has Arm pen) ... 4 out 5 has ARM PEN , it's SO STUPID to not allow Ret to have any of the weapons just because "someone" doesn't believe in Arm pen on ret ... it may benefits other classes more but it's still Really good for a Ret .

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