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[Report] Nelthirr

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Topic name: [Report] Nelthirr

Topic content:

Your name - Szpetna
Reported player's name -Nelthirr
Date -24-07-2020
Rule that was broken -

II.  Game Masters and chat rules 

6. Insulting other players is prohibited. The punishment depends on the situation. We do not resolve reports about guild chat or whisper (the only exception is when it’s really necessary). We’d also like to notice the existence of ignore option. (edited, incorrect copy)
Description -That guy flamed me pretty hard for his lack of communication. Can you please discipline him by warning him or even muting?
Evidence 1169030369_flameblame3.PNG.14eee21d1763a6db26c70f96a90ff010.PNG312326350_flameblame2.thumb.PNG.21192a737909a241ca187727895e2a20.PNG

flame blame1.PNG

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