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[Report] Muscles

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Reported player's name - Muscles
Date - 23.07.2020
Rule that was broken - spamming global for 2 month with the same text
Description - he got kicked from guild because he was doing 2k dps in a 25 man raid and since then(2 month at least) he is spamming global with the text which you'll see below.

This brings bad reputation to our guild and i need you to take some action against this player.

Kind regards,


EDIT: OK first picture i took last night, and i don't know why you asking me unedited picture since i used only greenshot to take a picture with the chat.

The second picture is taking on 14 june 2020 so as you can see he was spamming global with the same text.

EDIT2: He started again spamming global. I put a new SS :))

EDIT3: No feedback on this post?:)


2020-07-23 23_38_21-World of Warcraft.pngreport.thumb.jpg.2c25bca7f6388bccf8aea3ba14f6efcc.jpg


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need feedback

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Coffeeblack    36


We only accept unedited proof as evidence (cropping is considered editing) as per the rules set by the admin team which every report is subject to including yours.

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Crafty    101

Player was temporarily text muted for spamming. That message was spammed almost 200 times.

Thank you for the report!

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