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Seencore    1
Account Status Banned
Banned by Azathothh
Ban date 2020-03-25 19:24:42
Unban date 2020-03-25 19:24:42
Reason Goldbuying, please contact Azathothh#4198 on our discord

I Admit it was my mistake and I am asking for unban
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Azathothh    161


I've told you multiple times (over few hours that we've talked on discord) what you have to do in order to be unbanned.

You refused to cooperate and provide us informations about your goldseller and decided to cover him. (Yes, it's not mentioned in rules that you have to cooperate, but there's "In any other issues not covered by the rules, general honesty, morality and common sense applies." and covering a goldsellers isn't either honest or moral - also when i've ask you such thing it should be common sense that you have to answer me)

You've even lied to me multiple times, providing false, misleading informations and even sending FAKE SCREENSHOT! And here is another rule for such cases:

5. Trolling the staff may result in a punishment. In a special situation the staff has right to remove any player from the server if it is deemed necessary. 
Bear in mind that if your account was banned because of your illegal actions - SunwellCoins won't be refunded. Please be fair and enjoy your time on Sunwell. 

All you had to do is provide few informations, it was your choice. You can blame me all that you want (i know that you will), but think about it for at least few seconds - was it me that forced you to break our rules? Again - it was your choice, and now you have to face consequences of your (bad) choices.


Appeal rejected,


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