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Endeavour (UPDATED)

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[A]< Endeavour > is a dedicated guild from old Gamer district server that just moved to Frosthold. We are a guild formed by some members of the best guilds from our previous server and now we seek to achieve the same success here. We are looking for players that have full knowledge of their class and spec and that are capable to play it at the highest level.Right now we are looking for pretty much every role but mostly Bear tank, rogues, skilled hunter, demo locks, balance druid, desc priest and healers for our uld10|25 progression. We expect  you to have at least 90% attendance to our raids if you're planning to play with us, otherwise this isn't the guild for you.
We use discord when raiding and this is a must for everyone and we use LC to distribute the loot. If you think you have what it takes to raid with us pm any officer online or pm me on discord for any doubt you might have.


Officers: Clawzilla, Nestum, Mcgonagall, and Oka.

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