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[TESTS] Crossfaction battlegrounds 15-79 - 4.03.2020 at 19:00 Realm Time

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Doremi    163

 Crossfaction battlegrounds

 We would like to invite you to the tests of crossfaction battlegrounds (15-79).
If you want to help us improve and check the new system before implementing it on the live server write a private message with your login to me (Doremi#5540). Every registered account will get access to the test realm with copy of characters from Frosthold.
You will be able to use ".levelup" command with possibility to check all battlegrounds' brackets. Please report any issues and bugs to me through discord DM.

 Testing starts tomorrow at 19:00.

Every active person will be awarded with 20 Frosthold Coins.
We're happy for all help and positive feedback from you!

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