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Your name - Astharoth
Reported player's name - Redankt
Date - 28.12.2019
Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting
Description - wrong forum, just noticed its angrathar not frosthold, my bad :c

Good Evening

My nickname is Astharoth, I've been in EoE 10m today (28.12.2019 around 10pm ST) and after the black ice dropped me and the Redankt (raid leader/masterlooter) rolled, I won and he claimed that its not a dk weapon (I've been playin unholy in this raid) and he just took it. At the start he said rules are as follows: ms>os ; armor priority. But as far as I know polearm is not piece of armor...

I attach evidence as a cutted out screenshots of chat.

If I should post original version of sc's please let me know.

Best Regards


Evidence -





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forget about template, pardon

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