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Modifier Arena Macro

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Hi, im trying to build a Macro but its not working, need help.

What im trying to do is on nomodl either target arena1, arena2, arena3.  with Alt pressed, cast cyclone on Arena1, 2, 3.  With Shift pressed, heals party member 1, 2 ect... and Ctrl pressed, casts Entangling Roots.  (Bonus if you can get ctrl to have me shapeshift to bear form, and charge an arena target for interrupts.)

Keybind A

/target [nomod]arena1
/cast [mod:alt, @arena1] Cyclone
/cast [mod:shift, @party1] Regrowth
/cast [mod:ctrl, @arena1] Entangling Roots

Keybind S

/target [nomod] arena2
/cast [mod:alt, @arena2] Cyclone
/cast [mod:shift, @party2] Regrowth
/cast [mod:ctrl, @arena2] Entangling Roots

(and similar for other binds, also bonus if I can get control modifier for entangling roots to shapeshift me to bear form, then charge that target)


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