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My username don´t exist HELP

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Richard252    0

I tried to register news acoount to play different characters in two accounts. But, when I finished the register, I tried to put the account in the page and the page remarks me the username don´t exist. When I register my accounts, I put TheRichard252 as my username, but the page remarks me that not exist. How I can fix that?. Because in the register, I didn´t change my username and the last minute. 


EDIT: I tried to do this in the same PC or computer as well. If that change the username before i push the register button. And If the support of sunwell can´t change the username of my account, I want to delete this accounts to create news ones. 


EDIT 2: The emails I tried to regist my second account are [email protected] and [email protected] They are used now in Sunwell server and the username ¨TheRichard252¨ doesn´t register by that emais

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Azathothh    141


Account on forum and account on website (sunwell.pl) are 2 different accounts, completely not related.

To access website and game you have to create an account here: https://sunwell.pl/register 
Make sure to check your e-mail for an activation mail, you won't be able to log into that account until it's activated.



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