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PL Guild Nocne Marki LF People

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[H] :flag_pl: <Nocne Marki> :flag_pl: Is a Polish hard progressing PvE Guild with some PvP for Polish players. First created on Feronis, returning after a long break to enjoy Wotlk once again. Our goal is to quickly clear raids. We are looking for every class so there will be a spot for you any time. Below you will find the planned raid schedule and loot rules:
Raid days/Times (25 man raids, 10 mans to be scheduled separately)
Thursday 19:30-[23/24]
Sunday 19:30-[23/24]
Loot System: DKP 25 / 10 (Council / Leader loot)
If you have any questions, want to talk to us or just wish to apply straight away please visit our Discord:

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