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Frosthold Teaser & Some Informations.

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Crysis    27

As promised, we've created a summary of every feature you could hear about yesterday. We've prepared a poll for you, which you can find HERE! 👇👇👇


We were planning to do 1-68 x2 and 68-80 x1, but we're open to suggestions. Changed to 1-68 x3 and 68-80 x2. Addtionally, every finished random dungeon and battleground on 68-80 bracket will award 25% more experience!

As we can see, this feature is the most confusing for you. The first thing you must know: IT'S NOT GOING TO BE AVAILABLE FROM START. We want to release it when we'll optimize balance. Angrathar will be supported.
Crossrealm will work on:

  • RDF including trading items looted from dungeon,
  • Battlegrounds,
  • Whispers and friends system.

We are aware of your doubts and we'll prevent situations, where heavy-geared players fight against lowbies. We are working on some scaling system anyway.

Firstly, Mythic+ dungeons will be based on WotLK dungeons you all know. They will not interfere in gameplay, we want to make it fully optional and seasonal content. We don't know yet, how long each season is going to stay tho.
We are going to make competition of Mythic+ system, with ranking on website and rewards for the best players. Additional loot from them will containt mostly pets, mounts, comsumables, gems etc, but it's possible that some other stuff will be added. More specifics soon!

Between every official raid, we're going to release buffed legacy raids from Vanilla and TBC. We can't say for now, which encounters we'll pick and how much of them we can create, it depends on how much time we can spend for it.

Frosthold will be fully international. That means that website, forums and fanpage will be led in english language only. In game we are not going to punish anyone speaking different languages tho in all chats, but /global. Again we ask you for reasonable behaviour, cause we understand that polish guilds are going to look for polish players for example. We don't want to watch wars between people from different countries, so be kind and patient.

Website is going to have its layuot fully refreshed and we plan to add some upgrades to it like:

  • GM Panel,
  • Auto changelog,
  • Raid bosses' statistics,
  • Talents implemented to armory,
  • Talent calculator,
  • Account recovery based on e-mail.

Frosthold is going to have its own points you could spend in our shop. What's important? You'll be able to earn it in game!

9. PvP
PvP is separate question. We come with an idea of reviving World PvP via old PvP events:

  • Eastern Plaguelands: A Game of Towers,
  • Silithus: The Silithyst Must Flow,
  • Hellfire Peninsula: Hellfire Fortifications,
  • Zangarmarsh: Twin Spire Battle,
  • Terokkar Forest: Spirits of Auchindoun,
  • Nagrand: Battle for Haala,

What's more, we'll try to create our first custom Battleground, if time lets us. We have plenty of your suggestions about arena system though. Our team will try to use them as much as we can.

Naxxramas shall be boosted for sure and it will. Rest of them depend on you guys. Check out our survey. 1f609.png;)

11. RAF and XP boosts
All XP boosts will be unavailable until every race, class and profession Realm Firsts are achieved.

12. MOP
After Frosthold release we are going to move some developers to Mists of Pandaria. You must understand that we are creating MoP from its basics, from complete null.


  • You will be able to use your old accounts on Frosthold
  • RDF will be on from the beginning
  • Ninja Looting will be prohibited
  • Transmogs will be on from start
  • Sunwell Mobile App
  • Black market will be closed after Frosthold's release, time shows if we'll make it on again

That's all for now, folks. Don't hesitate and give us a nice feedback through the survey!


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1. Whatever...

2. Oh... leveling again? How about finally high rates server?

3. Untill that day Angrathar will be dead realm like feronis.

4 + 5 Intresting..

12. Can't wait. 


Imho just stop wasting ur time and close wotlk project and start something new on the stage like mop. Regards 

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lululu    3

He said that it's too early to talk about it, frosthold is not even released and if they are gonna open transfers - it would probably happen in like one year after icc open on fresh wotlk 

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Seiyaapt    12

There's couple points i'd like to tackle, but first I highly suggest that you refrain from misdirecting players or give false information to get more players on the start. This is especially important to key factors that will actually weight in the players decision of playing here or elsewhere.

1. XP, Profession, Rep(, etc) Rates - My opinion is my own, I don't feel the need to actually say what kind of rates I'd like, but if 2 servers / realms are opening at the same time this will be the first thing I'll look at to decide where I'll play. Personally choosing between a realm where I can have fun without wasting too much time on stuff  that doesn't really matter (focus on pve and pvp), or will have to suffer through countless hours of grinding xp, or waste hours and hours just to have basic profession stuff isn't really a choice.

2. Raid difficulty - I enjoyed Naxx... I enjoyed Naxx a lot on Angrathar, but that's as far as I go when it comes to raid difficulty. The buffs on the other raids weren't enjoyable at all, and as such I appreciate full honesty on the release, if there will be non-mythic buffs in anything other then Naxx it's important to tell the players beforehand, saying there won't be just to lure players in Naxx and then buffing it anyway will only give bad reputation and not achieve anything. BE HONEST ABOUT IT THIS TIME.

3. Mythic difficulty - This is great, if it means normal / heroic modes will be blizzlike  then it means everyone from pug-only players to hardcore guilds will be able to enjoy PVE, however only cosmetic stuff seems a bit underwhelming. I think one good way to go about the mythic loot in a way its appealing to players without unbalancing anything is to give more loot, for example... let's say... Lich King heroic gives 2 items (example), then Lich King mythic should give 4 items + the cosmetic stuff. This would encourage players to actively engage in mythic tries as it would speed up their progression.


And once again, I urge you to be honest about the server features on release! We want to know exactly what will be buffed and what will be the rates.


Edit: Be careful with the surveys as you will likely get feedback from a very restrictive group of players that does not represent your potential population, go out on facebook, reddit, WoW communities, etc and try to grasp what kind of features attracts more players or is generally better received by most players. I for once happened to come across this survey, I played here in the past but ended up quitting because I wasn't having fun anymore. If the survey gets the majority of the votes  from the players who kept playing here then that's probably a recipe for disaster, at this point i'd say feedback from the players who eventually left server (there was 5k players peak so that is a lot of players who left) should be highly valued so you don't commit whatever mistakes made those players leave in the first place.

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lululu    3

U don't understand one thing - there won't be mythic version of wotlk raids, they are gonna make m+ of tbc/classic raids, not sure about 5m dungeons but I doubt. Something like hellforge.

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Vipermagi    4

What about adding npc which sell pvp weapons for honor only? For example furious weapons available to buy for honor only, when u normally can get relentless and wrathful for honor and arena points.

Also as someone mentioned in some previous thread, what about banning twinks from normal battlegrounds? so people actually queue those while leveling instead being facerolled by some bis gear x9 lvl character with looms and enchants?

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OakyHefty    12

I hope there will be no ID for heroic dungeons. This stuff is a nightmare when you want to farm some specific item from boss what has 50% chance to appear.

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KimmoKM    40

Why should you be able to guarantee BiS equipment the first day you ding? Why do you feel obliged to be able to get it at all? Come on.

On the other hand, while we're on topic on 5-mans, they really ought to be buffed by 100-300%. AT LEAST by the 30 something percent that would compensate for 3.3.3 talents. They were pathetic at Wrath launch but they're absurdly pathetic now.

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paulflint    2
Hi will you make it so quests with itemdrops can be shared in partyloot on Frosthold? Played on Dragonblight where that was one of the features and I really enjoyed it, makes people more happy to team up aswell 😃
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leman1991    15

2. Rates: most of your players SUFFER cuz of slow leveling. Anyway gameplay under 80 lvl doesn't matter. Let it be x4 AT LEAST. Or x6. 

3. I don't think it's good idea. IMO it would be better to allow us transfer our chars from Angrathar. Clean 80. W/o gear, gold, achivs etc. CR is a dangerous thing. Angrathar gonna die anyway, your CR won't work anyway.

4. Maybe Mythic+ Wotlk raids? with boosted drop rate/additional loot.

5. & 6. Who cares. 

7.  Quite nice. Btw did you think about deleting "inspect" option? xD every player would my more individual, probably social in raids/guilds would increase cuz players will have to TALK about talents, items etc. It wouldn't be just copying from better players. Raid leaders and guild masters would be more important roles cuz they need to be sure that they have players with gear & talents they need. Just think for a while about it.

8. Finally.

9. Good idea

10. IMO make an option to choose. For example make a little buff on nax BUT add an option of heroic/mythic difficulty with increased drop chance/amount. If you force ppl to play on boosted nax some ppl gonna cry a lot. Most of players highly respect their freedom. More freedom = more happy players = easier to lay your hands on our money. Just give us what we want.

11. Higher rates = no boost. Try to think up something usefull in 80lvl game to get your money. Teleports, profession leveling boost, transmogs, freakin epic mounts etc.

12. Great.

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Ramzay    0

XP Rates: I'd suggest either higher rates, or a variable rate that can be adjusted in-game. Let people decide how they want to experience (ha a pun) the levelling process. 

Account/character transfer: What do you mean by "can use your account?" Can people transfer their current character from Angrathar?

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leman1991    15
16 hours ago, Ramzay said:

Account/character transfer: What do you mean by "can use your account?" Can people transfer their current character from Angrathar?

Nope. It means that you could log in new realm with old username & pass.

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