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Bug with death in dungeon

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Jorka    0

I was playing on an Instance and died and respawned as a ghost at the cemetery. Then there was a general Disconnect that kicked everybody out of the game. When I logged back in I was dead back in the instance but could not respawn or resurrect. I kicked myself out of the party and was teleported to the graveyard - again ad a dead body. I cannot turn into a ghost or get resurrected. I'm just dead but the nearby horde can attack me, however as I'm dead I'm just lying there being attached forever. Can someone please reset my character so I can play? As at the moment I can't play it and I don't know what to do. Please help. Many thanks in advance!

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Azathothh    118


In such cases please use in-game ticket system and GMs will help you in no time.

Now i don't even know what is your nickname in-game cause you didn't provide such information, therefore i'm unable to help you :(


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