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73. Proximus

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Topic name: [Report] [TOC] [25 Man] 

Topic content: TOC 25 Giving an Agility belt to a Resto Druid when the roll was stated as MS

Your name - Yip
Reported player's name - Wyrzynacz / Proximus
Date - 07/11/2019

Rule that was broken - The roll was clearly specified as Main Spec, as you can see in the pictures provided, but an agility/attack power belt was handed to a Resto Druid named Wyrzynacz by Proximus

Description - 3 People rolled for the main spec roll on [Belt of the Merciless Killer] which is an Agility/ Attack power belt, A shadow priest " Luminica " a Resto Druid " Wyrzynacz " and me... a Rogue... somebody who actually needed the item. The item was given to the Resto druid despite being a Main Sped roll. I understand you cannot recover that item to me... but for peace of mind that this is a fair server it'd be awesome to see some kind of punishment. I donated to the server today so would find it awesome to see GM's are still taking actions on rule violations.  

Evidence -  Pictures provided




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Missed the players name

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Player Proximus will be added to our ninjalist. Removed on author request.


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