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There Were 6 People Online Today.

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Not counting me, today, there were 6 people online in total, split between horde and alliance. There weren't enough people to make a dungeon group on, and all of them were sub-level 40. It Is time to announce the death of Sunwell - Nightbane. Please, do not desecrates Its corpse as much as you did to Its life.

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Admins,please have some decency and admit that the sever and TBC project are dead.

You could not make TBC expansion "great again" and many people wasted so much time on this server with it's rapidly dropping population due to your total inactivity and "loose of touch" with you community.

I still wounder-did you really think that people are gonna wait till 2020 feb or whatever for the hall content to be released?With no dual spec,bugged bosses and almost 0 pvp activity(no extra points system,no additional rewards).Damn I could list so many things you could have done differently but it does not matter what I think in the end.


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thats funny, check it out.

Topick was started when server (online) population was 6 ppl in total. :D but on this forum have more then 300 views.

Whats that mean?

- ppl are still "in to" Sunwell Nightbane.

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