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Found 21 results

  1. Your name - Bheur Reported player's name - Skaloo https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Skaloo Date - 11.07.2019 Rule that was broken - Ninja Loot Description Ninja looter - Skaloo I was raiding PUG ICC10 as frost DK dps. Loot rules MS>OS I won axe (Frost Giant's Cleaver) from GShc on highest roll but RL gave it to hunter from his Guild (Bad Taste) named Skaloo even he had lower roll than mine and item wasn't for his MS. After raid Skaloo whispered to me and said that he doesn't even need this item but he just want gold for it - 2000 gold. Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/MyYgOhy
  2. Levin

    [Report] Kelthumir

    Your name - Levin Reported player's name - Kelthumir Date - 25/06/19 Rule that was broken - Ninja looting Description - Immediately looted the trinket claiming he had reserved it, which he did not. Evidence - Attached screenshots
  3. patrykos12385


    Your name -PupcioReported player's name -SlmplesDate -26.05.2019Rule that was broken -NinjalootingDescription -Ive joined a 25 toc pug with hope i can roll for faction's axe. So we did factions and axe did drop, RL asked for roll so i (as fury warrior) rolled but main frost dk also rolled for this 2h item, when i said its frost main RL said to him that he should give me this axe but instead he left the raid group and went through the death gate.Evidence -
  4. Your name - volcon Reported-player's name - Schmaizer Date - 04/05/2019 Rule that was broken - 22. Ninjalooting is forbidden on Sunwell. After having enough proof of the misdemeanor, the ninjalooter that stole an item will face two possible forms of punishment. Description - item [Death Choice] I won in the roll and the leader (schmaizer) gave to his friend, saying that DC is not for hunters mm, this is a lie I always used it and I was top dps, arp is a cap after I reach it I can invest in agi. Evidence - prints below
  5. Your name - Ishee Reported player's name - Krpcek (Masterlooter) Varanudorm (Guild friend of ML who got the item) Date - 2019-05-01 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - Joined a raid for ICC25 lead by Krpcek we killed Festergut and "Dislodged Foreign Object" dropped and was rolled for, i tied the top roll of 97 together with a mage named Varanudorm and a reroll was called, i rolled a 6 and Varanudorm rolled a 5 but he was still given the item by the masterlooter/raid leader Krpcek who is in the same guild as Varanudorm. Evidence - My point of view and from another member of the raid who took screenshots aswell.
  6. Your name - SondresReported player's name - Lussy/Soren/ObittoDate - 30.04.2019Rule that was broken - ninja lootingDescription - Was doing ICC 10 with pug, group loot since start, Wfs dropped, tank has ninjed it and then (after like 20min) passed it to guy who was third in roll (because in his opinion 9,5T HC unholy dk doesnt need crit). RL did nothing, soren has just accepted trade, everything is below. None said lussy is looting for dps, it was just group loot to speed up raiEvidence -
  7. Incydent

    Ninja loot

    Hello Today 31.03 I was on Karazhan from guild Smieti. Papirtank was offtank all Karazhan A, he go on Karazhan B in offspec(holy) when we killed Curator and droped shoulders cloth for heal I saw that rolling on offspec I also did it and I won. Master looter gave him this item.
  8. Amagny

    Ninja looter

    I would like to report the player HEVHEV of guild BAZINGA for giving need on various items of spirit and spellpower, being he is druid tanker. The event occurred in WAILING CAVERNS. He did this several times and further stated that he was passing the items to his friend of guild PIRISTNELAN, follow the screenshots.
  9. I was tanking a TOC 10n and on Anub dropped shield than (there was no master loot) Kelthumir and Lilcosby picked need, lilcosby won it but Kelthumir asked him to give it to him and he did it and right now Kelthumir is totally ignoring me (on screen see my spec and these 2 guys dmg what proves they are play dps not tank)
  10. shkabone


    Your name - ThalasianaReported player's name - RahjinDate - 19.march.2019Rule that was broken - ninjaed an item he wasnt supposed to roll forDescription -Rolled for "Nevermelting Ice Crystal" in Pit of SaronEvidence -https://imgur.com/a/LOs1Arc
  11. Fij

    Ninja Looting

    Hello. My name in game "Fij". Date/Time: 12 March 2019 / 21:55 Raid: Karazhan (ID 715128) BOSS: "Prince malchezzar" Item: "Nathrezim Mindblade" ML was on, i rolled 68 and won but ML (Raid Leader "Kata") gave the item (Nathrezim Mindblade) "Feardatass" (him rolled 57) ML (Raid Leader "Kata") says it happened by itself and denies everything Please gave the loot i won back to me and take it from player "Feardatass". i have a screenshot
  12. Topic name: Roll scammer Winghaven Topic content: Got scammed by Raid Leader and his friend on ToC 25 Norm, won the roll with "100" for [Blood Fury] - one of the best weapons for my build. Your name - Rokkarys Reported player's name - Winghaven and Dagget Date - 28.01.2019 ~ 17:00. Rule that was broken - Stealing/Scamming/Ninjaloot Description - Won item by rolling, Raid leader gave it to friend with ridicolous response (screens) Evidence - 3 screens of chat + "too slow" weapon for Enh Shammy
  13. Bew


    Your name SinstralisReported player's name CliffburtonDate - 28/12/2018Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - I won the roll for item, but Cliffburton decided to give the item to his friend, as you can see many rolled higher than the guy item was given toEvidence - Screenshot attached
  14. lolkekcheburek

    ninja loot Naxx 25

    Your name - kekcheburekReported player's name - ZlotyDate - 07/10/2018Rule that was broken - ninja looting Description - after boss down, raid leader (Zloty) take all gear and then looted. When time coming to roll last tocken, he just type "thanks for suck raid'' and going offline. Unfortynately i dont have screen how he steal, cuz chat going so fast , but at screenshots u can see words about ninjaloot, ban etc. Also u can ask about it another raid members. AND THEN AFTER like 5m he going online^^ (screen 3) Also he speak in polish as u can see at first screen First screen - https://imgur.com/a/8YtRvnZ Second - https://imgur.com/a/p0bo7Va Third - https://imgur.com/a/gkaoIQu
  15. Dotmaster


    Your name - DotmistressReported player's name - FlakkaaDate - 01.10Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - Flakka has stolen Abyssal Rune. During the whole instance, he was retri paladin :X When I asked about his decision, he started to offend me :<Evidence - Screens.
  16. Your name - Schrank & Sasalou Reported player's name - Velidori, Skrillex, Immunity Date - 25th June 2018 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - Me and my girlfriend were pugging EOE10 with some people from the <The Office>. Loot Rules where MS > OS / nothing reserved since the start. We got invited by "Velidori" - a 2.4k GS Shadowpriest - who later passed the Raidlead to his friend "Skrillex". Skrillex ignored the roll from the Hunter "Sasalou" and gave the ring to his friend "Immunity". Raid Over. Evidence -
  17. Hey, I really enjoy playing on your server, it's my first private server and WotLK is the expansion I started playing WoW which makes this server even easier for me to enjoy. There is one problem though which is plaguing this server heavily, ninjalooting. I get that you game masters have a lot to do and can't handle every report of ninjaloot, but some of these cases I see reported on this forum and being rejected by you guys are just hilariously tragic... Like this dude He advertised his raid as "Nothing reserved", gets happy randoms to join thinking no loot is reserved, and then he goes ahead and steal the item that for many casters is the only reason they joined the group for. He is then reported with 100% evidence of ninjaloot and you reject it saying "Ninjalooting is taken into consideration only in the case of 25-Man raids of the highest content. Ninjalooting in 10-Man raids, Normal / Heroic dungeons and raids below level 80 is not taken into consideration. Obsidian Sanctum isn't highest content raid." This is just completely bullshit, ZERO effort is required by you guys to further investigate this, all the evidence is in the report and still you reject it. These are 226 items (The same god damn Ilvl that drops in Ulduar 25man) which most people would consider loot "of the highest content" and yet you let this go on. The guild Show is in, "Era" has had cases of this almost every week and nothing is done, it almost looks like you guys have tailored the rules so some people can ninjaloot with no consequences... Like what is the reasons for guilds to even form guild runs in raids like OS25 and EoE25 when every person can just make their own group, saying "Nothing reserved" then proceed to take all the loot for themselves. You announced some weeks ago that a ninja list will come, this is great but it's not enough at all.. These players deserves to be banned, they are ruining the experience of many players and damaging the reputation of your server, the fact that you ignore this is beyond me. This shit has scared me completely away from joining a pug where I'm not 100% sure the leader won't suddenly ninja loot items for himself or others... Luckily I haven't had any serious loot taken away from me in this way yet, but when it happens, and I report it only to get rejected, then it will be a major reason for me to quit this server and I'm sure it is for many others aswell.
  18. Your name - ThordirReported player's name - Macka, DragonzDate - 08.06.2018 I go on VoA25 in feral spec but i said i roll items for resto and RL to know. From Emalpn an item dropped FERAL PVP LEGS. RL don't give me this legs becouse "i said roll resto" and give legs another feral. During fight with Archavon RL changed loot rules on GL and he left raid. From this boss dropped PVE Resto Hands. Player Macka need this item and ignored me when i try talk with him. RL don't said raid rules so MS<OFF. PVP item for all spec.
  19. Hupakko

    Report about ninja loot.

    Hi! Player named Spacefox ninjalooted my tank sword from Utgarde Pinnacle, here is photos about it. My name is Hupakko and i play in Angrathar. https://imgur.com/a/s3O9val
  20. Frasig

    [Report] Geerog

    Your name - FrasigReported player's name - GeerogDate - 2018-03-28Rule that was broken - NinjalootDescription - VoA 25 run, Deadly Gladiator's Mooncloth Gloves drop. Geerog, who is the party leader and master looter, takes the item without letting me roll for it. He claims that it is geared specifically for healers but I explain to him that Mooncloth is the best pvp set for shadow priests (compared to the Satin version). I also say that any pvp shadow priest will confirm this if he asks around, or if he googles any guide for pvp shadow priests in WotLK. I ask him to let me roll for it but he says that he won't. Evidence - Screenshots below.
  21. I iwsh to address a rule i have stumbled upon while reading the rules of this server: "Ninjalooting is taken into consideration only in the case of 25-Man raids of the highest content. Ninjalooting in 10-Man raids, Normal / Heroic dungeons and raids below level 80 is not punishable." Ive noticed in a previous "deserter dungeon" drama, that you are being bothered by the reports of people reforming RDF grps, then get ready for the shit show that will start when ppl start ninjing raid loot following this rule. The below 80 part is fine, but 10man raids normal/Heroic and 25-Man raids of the highest content, will spawn such a problem that you wont even be able to handle it without most of the playerbase already being damaged and upset. Ninjing is and will always be ninjing, no matter if its ICC 25 HC or OS 10 normal. I think you should really look into this before the actual problem starts spawning.
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