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Found 24 results

  1. Let me start by saying this: If Administration wont take a serious steps to change that, this server will be nothing more that depopulated ghost realm Feronis once was (before it was shutted down). Alliance domination is beyond Horde on every stage. There is no place for serious competition between two factions. Despite of existing some good players, and their few premade's - there's is nothing more. Some lonely well geared maraduers and that's all. After Administration created "PVP STATS" on main page. I realized (as many people before me) that there is even more diffrence between the factions (check overall victories). There are horde players who want's to play PvP (casually or not, dosen't matter) but they simply can't obtain gear as Alliance by far. Horde Healers on battlegrounds just dosent exist, because there is no one who can support them in fight, no other healer, no peeling from other dps, nothing. Just because they are blowned up by enemy so quickly and these newbie healers can't even react to that. That works very demotivating towards players who want to step into PvP feature. Ok. I know that there are human racial, but overall, on 15v15 battleground you wont even feel that much, as you would do on Arena for example. So dont even come with that here. They got advantage with that but not that much. That just can't be the single reason why Horde statistics suck's so much compared to Alliance. I got nothing against Alliance premades, good player's from their side, and so on. That's not the case. The real problem is that there is no new player's, no fresh blood from Horde side. They just don't want to play those 2 minutes battlegrounds, where they are camped on graveyard for the rest of time. I mean, why would they? There are many other game's (or server's) where they can compete against other player's. So what Administration can do about it? My proposal is very simple. Make the horde obtain Honor x2 quicker than Alliance BUT made the gems cost like 5k honor more (and transmog cost to 60k). That shouldn't destroy the economy (besides the few players playing PvP on horde side overall) but it would HELP A LOT a new players, or some alts to obtain a proper gear to fight Alliance. I know it's a serious change, but it dosen't have to be permament. Administration should observe the results, and make their on thoughts on this. In the best scenario - horde PVP STATS would be closer to the Alliance, and after some time, they would came back to the older system. That's just my thoughs on this whole terrible situation that we face today. It is very bad, and SOMETHING NEED TO BE DONE. I dont think that my proposal is perfect, but that's something right? I hope someone from Administration will answer to that suggestion. Regards
  2. As we are a german speaking guild our guild introduction will be in german Ist „Gearscore“ für euch auch mehr abstrakte Zahl als Ziel des Spiels? Und erlebt ihr gern auch mal Azeroth abseits von Instanzen und Raids? Vielleicht kann unser Ansatz dich verführen WoW mal (vllt auch: wieder) auf eine andere Art und Weise zu genießen! Wir, die Adventure Association, möchten unspaßige Effizienz durch Spaß am Spiel ersetzen. Erkunden zu gehen, das ein oder andere Scharmützel mit der Allianz, lustige Events gemeinsam durchzuführen oder auch gemütliches Rollenspiel im nächstbesten Gasthaus gehören für uns genauso zum Spiel wie Dungeons und Raid-Instanzen. Unser Ziel ist es, selbst Dinge herauszufinden und nicht Foren, Guides und Datenbanken zu befragen, wenn es um die beste Talentspezialisierung, Ausrüstung oder Raid-Taktik geht. Daher richtet sich unsere Gilde hauptsächlich an Neulinge und Wiedereinsteiger, die gemütlich spielen wollen, jeder so viel er möchte und kann. Wer also Interesse hat sich uns auf Seiten der Horde auf Angrathar anzuschließen, ist uns herzlich willkommen. Besuche uns gern auf unserem Discord um mit uns in Kontakt zu treten: https://discord.gg/pcP9E4d
  3. Ist „Gearscore“ für euch auch mehr abstrakte Zahl als Ziel des Spiels? Und erlebt ihr gern auch mal Azeroth abseits von Instanzen und Raids? Vielleicht kann unser Ansatz dich verführen WoW mal (vllt auch: wieder) auf eine andere Art und Weise zu genießen! Wir, die Adventure Association, möchten unspaßige Effizienz durch Spaß am Spiel ersetzen. Erkunden zu gehen, das ein oder andere Scharmützel mit der Allianz, lustige Events gemeinsam durchzuführen oder auch gemütliches Rollenspiel im nächstbesten Gasthaus gehören für uns genauso zum Spiel wie Dungeons und Raid-Instanzen. Unser Ziel ist es, selbst Dinge herauszufinden und nicht Foren, Guides und Datenbanken zu befragen, wenn es um die beste Talentspezialisierung, Ausrüstung oder Raid-Taktik geht. Daher richtet sich unsere Gilde hauptsächlich an Neulinge und Wiedereinsteiger, die gemütlich spielen wollen, jeder so viel er möchte und kann. Wer also Interesse hat sich uns auf Seiten der Horde auf Angrathar anzuschließen, ist uns herzlich willkommen. Besuche uns gern auf unserem Discord um mit uns in Kontakt zu treten: https://discord.gg/pcP9E4d
  4. Hi, I would like to draw attention on PVP situation on Angrathar. Alliance are generally way more active in PvP than Horde, and we are always kicked out from Wintergrasp because Horde is not interested in PvP enough, and not to mention that we are waiting queue for battlegrounds for at least 15-20 min and often more than that. Considering global Alliance chat on Angrathar, not just me but a lot of other players would like to transfer our characthers to Horde (pay for it ofcourse) just so we can play normal PvP. Someone should really make it possible. Who cares if percentage of Horde players is higher than Alliance when all Horde players are in dungeons and raids and PvP is not balanced. And restrictions regarding transfering and balancing Horde and Alliance players should be based on PvP activity. What you say guys?
  5. Mshate

    [H-PvE] She Had Me at Lok Tar

    Greetings, We are a group of experienced players that has already cleared TBC content on other private servers and retail. We have decided to regroup once again for a new challenge on Nightbane. Our core is a mix of both NA and EU players since the guild was first established on another server about 3 years ago, for this reason we will be raiding Saturday & Sunday 8PM Server time (EU) / 2PM (EST NA). What we expect from you: • Team player attitude, we don’t want loot drama whores or anything of the like, gear is a means to an end whilst progression is ongoing, this is the mindset we would like our raid team to have. • Know your class, whilst we will certainly always help, we will not be literally holding your hand. You are expected to at least have an understanding of your class in a raiding environment. • We only have two raid days at the moment, 90% attendance is mandatory, if you cannot commit to this please do not apply for the raid team, explain you wish to be casual in your application. (If you apply as casual DO NOT expect a raid spot when raid nights happen unless we need bodies) • As the server is fresh and money is tight, we can compromise with 1 gathering profession, we will expect you to have a plan for a second profession that will provide benefit to the raids. However it is mandatory that you have at least 1 profession that will contribute to the raid and your class at this moment. As we progress further you will be expected to have both profs that benefit the raid comp. • We use discord and expect you to be able to be accessible through it, and would prefer if you had a mic and can speak. If you are an important class to the raid comp such as a tank or healer and have to make calls it will be expected of you to be able to communicate through voice. What to expect from us: • Loot Council raids (our officer core is experienced and knows the best place the guild will need the gear, trust in the process you will get gear fairly) • Experienced players with a good attitude, you will not be screamed at and in a toxic environment and we expect the same from you. • While we raid 2 nights a week at the moment we will be clearing content with that as our main goal, we will be prepared on our end to move forward through bosses quickly and efficiently. Come prepared for that. • Raid nights and rosters will be posted in advance as soon as we know what we expect to be coming to the raid, we will communicate all necessary information to you at least a day or two before raid night so you can be prepared. Classes we are recruiting: • Shamans of all specs • Protection Paladin • Retribution Paladin • Beast Master and Survival Hunter • Restoration Druid • Balance Druid • Mage • Shadow & Holy Priests If you feel this sounds good to you, please apply at shmalt-nightbane.shivtr.com and whisper one of our officers in game. Shadowhate/Mshate Vindawg Tiosan Pallysk
  6. sudoret


    SOUNDCLOUD RAPPERS is a group of friends retired from the NA raiding scene, with varying rankings around world 100 throughout all expansions, we've come to agree that retail is currently a mess and we're looking to go back in time for some fun, slay some dragons, have a drink, laugh a lot, talk some big shit, and make some new friends in the process to make our time more enjoyable. Let's get some things straight about who we are. We are a group of incredibly thick skinned individuals who talk shit to each other on the daily. If you get upset about me telling you your damage sucks when you kill yourself on a boss pull, we are not the guild for you. We are not looking for members related to drama or inability to control their free time. If you have to go randomly once in a blue moon for an emergency, that's perfectly fine. Every 15 minutes and you'll be back on these forums looking for a new guild. Why join SOUNDCLOUD RAPPERS? Proven leadership with deep retail experience in slaying online dragons to loot their pixels with great efficiency. We strive to always kill bosses faster than before with less mistakes. The mindset in our raid environment is simply to kill everything as fast as possible to have fun playing other games with each other. We also offer an incredible time meeting new friends, a community for growth, and some fire ass music to boot. Raid Days & Times This is where you come in. Raid days and times have not been set, we are actively recruiting former raiding friends who would like to raid old content and take a long break from retail. Estimated 2-3 days a week, likely later times as many people have lives, and hopping on WoW immediately after getting home is stupid. Relax, have a drink and some food. We'd rather have you come prepared than be rushed and make stupid mistakes. Role Availability & Applying Applying is very simple, there is a short application template asking for some information about what you want to play, age, and for a strong meme. https://discord.gg/udvndem SOUNDCLOUD RAPPERS is always looking for exceptional talent of any class and spec. If your put up big numbers and talk big shit, we want what you're selling. Melee DPS Rogue: OPEN Warrior: OPEN Shaman: OPEN Paladin: CLOSED Druid: OPEN Ranged DPS Hunter: OPEN Mage: OPEN Warlock: OPEN Priest: OPEN Shaman: OPEN Healers: Paladin: OPEN Priest: OPEN Druid: OPEN Shaman: OPEN Tanks Paladin: OPEN Warrior: OPEN Druid: OPEN
  7. Tomcat

    [H-PvE] Time Walkers

    EDIT: Guild is Closed. ENG: Time Walkers is a fresh project created by few friends from old HellGround, WarGate, and finally Ares. Ye... We are truly TBC lovers ❤️ . We wanna Time Walkers to be focused on PvE, but good PvP Premade will be always welcome. We don't wanna use typical DKP loot system, we prefer more democratic ways to handle it . Our main goal is create the comunity with out isolated officer castes. Here, every one will have have oportunity to say what he thinks and his voice will be heard. About future of Time Walkers... well, we decide about it together. Who is our target: Mostly Polish ppl but if you are English speaking player we will welcome you as well. And Ye... You dont have to be pro, we all do mistakes. But we require you to have an open mind, good attitude and open to suggestion. For recruitment - visit our webside -> Apply on https://timewalkers.wowhordes.com/ (If you will have problem with translation, leave it... and just /whisper us in Game -> Agson, Zapalka, Tomcat, Uragogus. We'r gona do it "live" ) CY in Azeroth! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PL: Time Walkers to nowy projekt stworzony przez grupkę przyjaciół z starego dobrego HellGrounda, później WarGate i finalnie z Aresa... Tak TBC lovers ❤️ . Guild docelowo ma być nastawiona na progres PvE, ale dobrym Premade BG też nie pogardzimy. Z założenia chcemy oderwać się od sztywnego DKP i przejść na bardziej... hmmm... demokratyczny sposób rozdawnictwa lootu. Chcemy stworzyć Gildię z nastawieniem na graczy, bez sztywnych odizolowanych zamkniętych kast oficerskich. Tutaj każdego zdanie będzie się liczyć, a o przyszłości Gildii zadecydujemy wspólnie. Kto jest naszym targetem: Polsko języczny gracz, który nie boi się odezwać na Discordzie, najchętniej pełnoletni i koniecznie zrównoważony psychicznie - przynajmniej w stopniu minimalnym. Jeżeli nie jesteś pro ogarem, to nic, każdy kiedyś zaczynał... uszy do góry! Mimo wielu lat gry na TBC sami też się ciągle uczymy. Co jest kluczem? Wymagamy zarówno od siebie, za czym idzie będziemy z pewnością wymagać również od Ciebie odpowiedniego nastawienia, otwartości na sugestię, chęci testowania swojej klasy i ciągłego podnoszenia przysłowiowej "poprzeczki". Są wśród nas ludzie pracujący, studenci... dyrektorzy banków, osoby z rodzinami, nawet jest jeden hodowca grzybów i innych dziwnych paskudztw - więc raczej z założenia nie maniaczymy 24/7 w grze. Bawimy się wspólnie i wspólnie jak już dobijemy do 70tki ustalimy godziny raidowe. Rekrutacja odbywa się przez złożenie Appki na forum -> https://timewalkers.wowhordes.com/ - jak to zrobić? Prosta sprawa: Krok 1. po wejściu na naszą stronkę w prawym górnym roku jest przycisk [Apply] - po jego kliknięciu zarejestruj się na forum, następnie zostaniesz automatycznie przekierowany do szablonu rekrutacyjnego. Krok 2. Wypełnij. Krok 3. Sprawdzaj swoją aplikację [View My App] - możemy mieć pytania w trakcie rekrutacji, tam też finalnie pojawi się wynik, zawsze też możesz coś dopowiedzieć _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (z uwagi na bardzo duże zainteresowanie rekrutacyjne, by zachować balans wewnętrzny w guild, potrzebujemy już powoli zawężać grono rekrutowanych klas) We are looking to recruit the following / poszukujemy następujących klas: Priest Healer - CLOSED Priest Shadow - open (1 slot) Shaman Resto - open (2 slot) Shaman Enh - open (1 slot) Shaman Ele - open (2 slot) Paladin Retri - CLOSED Paladin Prot - CLOSED Paladin Healer - CLOSED Warrior Prot - CLOSED Warrior Arms - CLOSED Warrior Fury - CLOSED Rogue - CLOSED Hunter - open (1 slot) Druid Feral Tank - open (1 slot) Druid Feral DPS - CLOSED Druid Bala - CLOSED Druid Resto - open (1 slot) Mage - open (2 slot) Warlock - open (3 slot) Best Regards, Pozdrawiamy, ekipa Time Walkers. ING: Zapalka, Uragogus, Website: https://timewalkers.wowhordes.com/ EDIT: Guild is Closed.
  8. Qui sommes-nous ? Comme le titre l'indique, la guilde <Sur le papier on est bon> est une guilde PVE française qui fera son bout de chemin côté horde. L’avantage de notre projet, c’est que le noyau de la guilde est composé de joueurs ayant déjà joué ensembles sur d'autres serveur (notamment warmane). Ce qui nous permet également de mettre des personnes « de confiance » sur les rôles clef tels que les main tank et les classes à optimisation de raid, et donc de ne pas perdre de temps à remplacer des gens qui ne font pas l’affaire sur ces rôles là. Nous sommes un noyau d’une quinzaine de joueurs, des joueurs ayant déjà fait leur preuves dans un roster de raid. Quels sont nos objectifs ? Notre objectif est clair : clean le contenu PvE HL en temps et heure ; c'est-à-dire le plus tôt possible afin d'être prêt à chaque nouveau contenu disponible. Il s'agit donc dans un premier temps d'atteindre et de clean le T5 afin d'être fin prêt pour l'arrivée d'Hyjal. Le PvE HL sur TBC est exigeant en terme de disponibilités et de sérieux, et c'est donc logiquement ce que nous attendons de nos joueurs. Nous souhaitons nous donner les moyens d'atteindre cet objectif ce qui implique évidemment que les joueurs qui ne seraient pas suffisamment sérieux ou ayant des disponibilités trop réduites seront remplacés pour la bonne progression de la guilde. Notre avancée PVE : KARAZHAN : 11/11 GRUUL : 2/2 Actuellement nous avons deux roster kara qui tournent, nous sommes donc une vingtaine de joueurs, il nous reste 4/5 places de raideur ainsi que des slots de remplaçants. Comment fonctionne le recrutement ? Nous recherchons avant tout des joueurs motivés, réguliers et compétents. Nous recherchons de très bons joueurs bien évidemment, mais une candidature d'un joueur "moyen" mais motivé à l'idée de progresser, capable d'écouter nos conseils sera toujours étudié. Une période de test est organisée pendant 1 à 3 semaines afin de pouvoir évaluer le joueur. Il faut être disponible au moins 2 soirs par semaine mais l'idéal reste 3. Le recrutement : Actuellement, notre recrutement reste ouvert à toutes les classes, car nous avons pour politique d’attribuer chaque slot de raid au mérite, et donc de le laisser à une libre concurrence, pour faire simple, si vous êtes meilleur et plus motivé que les autres, c’est vous qui serez pris en raid ;) Certains slots sont toutefois déjà limités car nous avons fait en sorte que les rôles clefs (tanks/classes à optimisation de raid) soient déjà attribués afin de ne pas avoir de mauvaises surprises dans notre progress. Les classes/spé en forte demande : - Paladin heal - Chaman heal - Paladin ret - Chasseur - Mage - Démoniste Les classes/spé en demande modérée : - Druide tank - Druide heal - Prêtre heal - Guerrier dps - Chaman élémentaire - Druide équilibre - Voleur Les classes/spé en faible demande : - War tank - Paladin tank - Chaman amélioration - Prêtre ombre Pour ces rôles ci, les slots de raid ne sont pas garantis et demanderont à la personne concernée de faire ses preuves sur la durée afin d’être elligible à un poste de titulaire. A l'avenir, nous espérons compléter notre roster puis de tendre vers un roster optimisé et avec suffisamment de remplaçant pour pouvoir tourner. (typiquement, les raid 25 étant la base, tourner aux environs de 30/35 joueurs nous parait acceptable pour pouvoir palier aux imprévus, ainsi que faire tourner les joueurs n'assurant que 2 soirs par semaine). Nous maintiendrons le topic à jours afin de passer certains slot en limités lorsqu'ils seront suffisament pourvus. Cela ne veut pas dire que vous ne pourrez pas vous faire une place si vous êtes motivés, réguliers et compétents. On accepte toujours ce genre de joueurs. Fonctionnement de la guilde : Souhaitant progresser sur le contenu rapidement dès l’ouverture du serveur et sans prendre de retard, nous ferons 3 soirs de raid par semaine, de 20h45 à 0h00, pour un pull à 21h (heure française, heure du serveur, GMT +1). Nos soirs de raid : Mardi/Jeudi/Dimanche. L’attribution du butin se fera bien entendu en loot council entre GM et officiers, en priorisant l’avancée du roster (ainsi dans la majorité des cas : tank>heal>dps), tout en récompensant les joueurs les plus investis. Mais plus encore : Je vous informe que certains de nos membres sont également avides de PVP, il vous est donc possible de nous rejoindre si vous souhaitez simplement une guilde française pour trouver des mates de bg/d'arène, ceci dit, gardez à l'esprit que la priorité de la guilde restera le PVE (typiquement, venez pas demander à votre mate raideur de faire vos matchs un soir de raid :D). On accepte également les gens souhaitant jouer en casu/social. Vous pouvez post ici ou ajouter ces contacts sur discord pour plus d'infos : Zeza#8306, malumo#9975, Chica#9970 Ou wisp les personnes suivantes IG : Zezaerg, Zezavnr, Kniasse, Pp, Cortisone, Toxicpapa, Toxicmama
  9. Shann

    [H] PL- PvE Lunatic-Asylum

    Powstała w 2008 roku gildia PvE Lunatic Asylum, pragnie ogłosić nabór dla doświadczonych graczy PvE, jak i starych wyjadaczy którzy już z nami kiedyś grali na różnych serwerach. Jesteśmy zgraną i doświadczoną ekipą,cały skład officerski ma wiele lat doświadczenia w prowadzeniu raidów. Chcemy z łatwością i z małym nakładem czasu eliminować wszystkie bossy na dodatku Burning Crusade,dodatek jest stary i oczekujemy od graczy,że każdy będzie zaznajomiony z taktykami,swoją klasą i specem. Naszym głównym zamiarem jest bezproblemowe czyszczenie contentu i walka o Polską Top Gildie. 3 dni raidowe : środa/nd/pn 19:45-23:00 System Lootu : DKP Strona gildii w budowie: lunatic-asylum.net Teamspeak: Lunatic-asylum.net discord: https://discord.gg/t5WjMc W sprawie inva proszę pisać w grze do: Shann,Mertii,Quadro,Bunrak.
  10. Nieznajomy

    [H-Pve] Amelinium

    [EN] <Amelinium> polish guild is looking for more players to complete our raid squad on Nightbane server. We've been around for almost four years when we founded our guild on the Nostalrius server. Since then we have been present on vanilla, tbc and wotlk servers. We have a good lineup of veterans who have known each other for many years and have extensive experience in raiding on tbc. Our main goal is to gather great team for the upcomming wow classic. We are focused mainly on the pve content but there are also a lot of pvp enthusiasts here. Raid times: sundays and thursdays between 20-23. Loot council. Healers and casters are mostly. You can find more information on our discord: https://discord.gg/E4RVAEV And fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/AmeliniumWoW FOR THE HORDE [PL] <Amelinium> poszukuje graczy do uzupełnienia składu raidowego na serwerze Nightbane. Istniejemy od prawie czterech lat gdy założyliśmy gildię na serwerze Nostalrius. Od tego czasu jesteśmy obecni na serwerach vanilla, tbc oraz wotlk. Posiadamy dobry skład weteranów gildii znających się od wielu lat i posiadających duże doświadczenie w raidowaniu na dodatku tbc. Naszym głównym celem jest zebranie zgranej ekipy na wow Classic, którego premiera nastąpi w połowie przyszłego roku. Jesteśmy gildią nastawioną głównie na grę pve lecz znajdzie się u nas również sporo zapaleńców pvp. Raidy będą odbywały się w czwartki i niedziele w godzinach 19-23. System lootu- LC. Głównie poszukujemy healerow i casterow Więcej informacji znajdziecie na naszym discordzie: https://discord.gg/E4RVAEV Zapraszamy też na fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/AmeliniumWoW FOR THE HORDE
  11. griffden

    <RNGesus> International Guild

    Want <RNGesus> on your side? Then look no further! We are a FRESH international guild looking for all classes of the Horde! Plans to raid on Tuesdays at 6 PM server time. Join us for good community and fun times on the journey to 70. About us: We are a group of friends from NA/EU that decided to begin a guild and seek out members to create a fun gaming community. Who we want: Socials, PVP fans, PVE fans, ETC. If you have game EXP always a plus, but we aren't afraid of inviting new players too. When we will raid: Tuesdays at 6 PM server time, when we are ready. We love to use Discord, so if interested or if you have any questions add me Griffden#9749
  12. Kabo


    Hello, I'm a player looking to join a guild for some pve/pvp content. Currently undecided on what faction I'll be playing. Looking into alliance though because the H/A ratio Horde has the numbers so Alliance will have lower que times Anyways, hit me up my info is in my profile. or just reply to this thread.
  13. Kabo


    Hello, I'm a player looking to join a guild for some pve/pvp content. Currently undecided on what faction I'll be playing. Looking into alliance though because the H/A ratio Horde has the numbers so Alliance will have lower que times Anyways, hit me up my info is in my profile. or just reply to this thread.
  14. PL TZM to gildia z wieloletnim stażem, grająca na wielu serwerach takich jak HellGround, ToD, Atlantiss, Ares. Zgrana oficerka z bardzo dużym doświadczeniem w prowadzeniu zarówno gildii jak i raidów. Nasz cel to progres całego kontentu PvE. Tym razem planujemy rozpocząć naszą przygodę po stronie hordy. Wszystkie osoby które znów chcą poczuć klimat TBC są mile widziane. Jeśli szukasz gildii, dla której liczy się coś więcej niż "piksele", to trafiłeś w dobre miejsce. Jeśli chcesz do nas dołączyć zapraszamy na nasze forum, gdzie możecie zarówno złożyć samo podanie, jak i dowiedzieć się o nas czegoś więcej. Jeśli macie jakieś wątpliwości, pytania, zapraszamy na nasz kanał Discorda, gdzie codziennie możecie znaleźć kogoś z Oficerki. Z przyjemnością odpowiemy na Wasze pytania. ENG We are the guild with many years of experience which has been playing on numerous servers such us HellGround, ToD, Atlantiss, Ares. Well-organised officers who have great experience in leading the guild and carrying out raids. Our primary target is to progress whole PVE content. This time we start our adventure on Horde side. If You care for more than just a game itself, you came to the right place. Willing to feel TBC vibe once again? Interested in joning our ranks? Visit our forum, where You can apply and learn more about TZM. Your are welcome to join us on Discord, where our officers will answer any of Your questions. Website: http://www.tzm-guild.cba.pl Discord: http://www.discord.gg/P5V8zkC
  15. Theeda


    [EN] Hello, we're a group of semi decent internet famous people! we are looking forward to tbc until summer when classic comes! we're looking for 30 people to join our raid team! at the moment we have about ten people from our classic guild that wants to do tbc, we're looking for 20 others at least! We're doing dkp zero system! it will be explained later! Our discord is run by kargoz and the mods! Dkp zero system is a mathematical system that work like this. over eight bosses and we have 14 pieces that have the following prices: 10,15,22,35,60,10,5,10,20,25,36,44,12,2 we have these in a plus then divided by the amount of people, IE. 306/25 giving 12,24 so all members will be given 12,24 so over 25 raid when everyone get the items we need the dkp system should be in balance but to do that we have a set price per item preset! If you are interested in joining the guild, please contact me on the forum or Discord. Raid Days: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday Discord will be given upon acceptance. Loot system: DKP zero system Officers: Bukk, Irish, Kargoz GM Theeda Sorry for my bad English
  16. Hello all, I have recently joined up and at level 20 Alliance side, I'm just wondering if there is any newly formed guild that is progressing through content starting from Naxxrammas?
  17. I tried to send items to my other character. I was trying to send as a horde to the alliance. Obviously i couldn't due to the fraction diffrence. My suggenstion is to allow sending mails beteween fractions, or at least when the characters are on the same account.
  18. ladyhetfield6

    [EU] [Horde] SKRA

    SKRA is an EU guild looking for exceptional PVE players. Ulduar 10man and 25man (Yogg Saron down) plus all content on farm. Main raids are held every Thursday and every Sunday at 21:00 ST. We also work on 10man (5/9 HM), also we are starting to progress on 25man HM. We are in need for Holy paladins, Restoration shamans, Holy priests and Restoration druids.
  19. <Epidemic> [NA] The last hardcorelul EST guild. Fun hardcore environment. PALAS/boom/lock/mage prior. Rest welcome. Recruiting for HM Uld Progession. 8/9 10mHM, 2/9 25HM. Wed Thu Sun Mon- 7:30 PM EST - 11:00 PM EST. http://epidemicguild.shivtr.com ! Our raid environment is very fun, but hardcore with the goal of progressing to Algalon. Need paladins very badly! Casters in high demand as well. Currently working on XT, Hodir and Thorim. Should be moving on to others Soon TM. Whisper Ragnoreean/Ragnorian/Ragnorbank. Kev/kevbtw, Saii/Bigstrongdad for more info.
  20. Tronalddump

    [DK][H] Copenhagen Girls

    Copenhagen Girls is a semi-hardcore raiding guild founded by 6 IRL friends experienced from vanilla to legion mythic raiding. We recently arrived from another WOTLK server called Dalaran-Wow where we also had our own guild and cleared ICC HC. We are now seeking to fill another danish packed guild with experienced raiders who strive to optimise their wow performance. We dont have any gear requirements for you, other than to optimise what current gear you have. Know your class, be available for raid times and stay enthusiastic. We raid twice a week (Sunday + tuesday) from 19.30-23.00 ST. Visit us at our Website or /W any of the officers in-game Love Tronalddump, Jizzineye, Cumonback, Didgeridoo, Drudidu, Bagsag.
  21. [H](NA) <Plan B> - Join Our Competitive Progression Experience If you're looking to help form the foundation of a serious upcoming raiding guild, Plan B might be the best option for you. Who are we? We're a small group of players led by retail server first heroic ICC 25 raiders who recently came together on a retail server to participate in a max level 80 experience. While we had a great time building up our community, the level 80 content was broken on retail servers. This issue, coupled with a desire for competitive WOTLK progression, has led us to migrate to the Angrathar server here on Sunwell. What is our goal? Plan B seeks to become a leading endgame raiding guild on Angrathar. Our tight-knit leadership already has thorough experience working together and is prepared to bring that to Angrathar. While we focus on serious raiding progression, we're also dedicated to forming a fun and team-driven community on the server. How is loot handled? We use an EPGP system for loot distribution. We feel that this system fairly rewards players based on their effort put into the guild and successfully counters any favoritism that could occur. What type of applicants are we looking for? All roles and classes of all gear levels are currently open for our core raid team. We're especially interested in players who enjoy working together both in and outside of raids (our crafters will thank you). Even if you cannot make every raid night per week, feel free to apply. Raid Times: Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday (9:30pm EST - subject to change) Where do I sign up? Contact one of our officers: Brosef, DrDoe, or Guacamoleboy, in game for more information. We're also in the early stages of setting up our website at https://planbangrathar.shivtr.com/ and will frequently review applications there, once completed. We look forward to seeing all of you in game!
  22. stinkynuts

    <Last Try> [GER] recruiting!

    <Last Try> German speaking Raidguild on Angrathar-PvP Hello you people out there! Since we are a german speaking Community the following text will be written in german to make sure the Players we want to adress understand everything. -- Ein herzliches Hallo! Wir sind <Last Try> auf der Angrathar Hordenseite und wir suchen für unseren 25 Mann Kader noch immer Verstärkung zum progressorientierten Raiden des aktuellen Content und zur Vorbereitung auf die baldige Veröffentlichung von Ulduar. Wir haben unsere Gilde in den Anfangstagen dieses Servers gegründet und bieten seither den deutschsprachigen WotLK Spielern auf diesem Server eine Community. Socials und PvP Spieler sind bei uns immer herzlich Willkommen, allerdings suchen wir vorallem nach zukünftigen Raidern für den 25er Content. In unserem 25er Raid geht es vorallem darum, das maximale aus seiner Klasse rauszuholen und sich mit seinem Specc auseinandergesetzt zu haben bzw. das zu tun um die eigene Leistung zu optimieren. Wir suchen Leute, die gewillt sind 2-3 mal die Woche den Content zu bestreiten und dafür zwangsläufig mehr als einen Abend im Monat opfern können. Für Socials in unserer Gilde oder Interessenten auf einen Raidspot gilt es voll verzaubert und gesockelt zu sein! (Keine grünen Sockel und derartige Hirngespinste.) Flasks und ausreichend Pots zum situationsbedingten Pre-Potten sind ebenfalls ausnahmslos Pflicht. Du musst nicht seit Anbeginn der Zeit WoW spielen um diese Voraussetzungen zu erfüllen. Auch Frischlinge oder Leute, die ein wenig eingerostet sind, nehmen wir sehr gerne bei uns auf, sofern denn trotzdem der Wille besteht sich mit erfahrenen Raidern in unseren Reihen auszutauschen und gegenfalls Hilfe anzufordern oder sie anzunehmen, wenn sie einem geboten wird. Lootverteilung läuft bei uns über Poolleiter (Melee/Caster/Heal) und im Vorhinein eingereichten Best-in-Slot Listen, die jeder Spieler für sich erstellt. (Auch hier gibt es immer erfahrene Spieler, die unsicheren Spielern gerne unter die Arme greifen.) Im Raid wird der Loot dann anhand dieser BiS Listen und den dort, vom jeweiligen Ersteller, gesetzten Prioritäten verteilt. Raidtage sind wie folgt: Donnerstags ( 19:00-23:00) Sonntags (19:00-23:00) Dienstags (19:00-23:00) Ausgesetzt bis Ulduar Release Im Moment suchen wir vorallem: Druiden: Katzen/Eulen/Bäume Hunter Schmanen: Ele's/Enhancer/Restos Rogues Krieger: Voll Paladine: Retri Death Knight: Unholy/Frost Priester: Shadow/Holy Warlocks Mages Wenn ihr Interesse an einem Discord Gespräch habt oder auch als Social/Raider/PvP Spieler direkt joinen wollt, meldet euch bei uns ingame bei Niodred/Igamos/Lizen/Droodster oder Seifenschaum. Liebe Grüße und hoffentlich bis bald wünscht stinkynuts aka Niodred
  23. Aiwaz

    Guilda <Cenaclu>

    Salutare, Dacă sunt pe aici doritori, avem o guildă românească Horde side, numită Cenaclu. Pentru invitație intrați în contact cu unul dintre membri (care cum e online), lăsați un reply pe aici sau /w Fram. Avem Discord și destul de activi cu toții. Numai bine, ne vedem ig.
  24. <Valium> the critically acclaimed PvP/social guild is looking for new recruits!!! (INTERNATIONAL GUILD / ENGLISH SPEAKING) As some of you may know, Valium kind of died but is now under new leadership. We hope to revive the community that we once had by recruiting more blood-thirsty Horde players, and putting an emphasis on creating social/friendly environment for players of all skill levels. Please whisper Xandronius or Deltafox in-game for an invite!! We have tabard, guild bank, discord and about 50 players at the moment. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks for reading!! FOR THE HORDE! Best Regards, Xandronius
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