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Found 15 results

  1. rossheruth

    Character World bug

    After completing Return To Angrathar. the cinematic crashed the client, now the quest finished without changing the scene, which means that i can't continue the chain. Help
  2. I'm about level 70 on my second character but I already know I won't be able to join BGs because they are monopolized by level 79 full geared OP twinks. This is unfair but nobody is gonna make anything about it and it makes me feel like I should leave this server. No attention whatsoever to leveling players who like PVP, just to make 30 twinks happy. Ridiculous.
  3. Snipeshow

    Pet gone

    Perhaps a GM could help me. Playing ally NE hunter nick is Snipeshow. Put pet in stables yesterday with full happiness and it disappeared. So frustrating that I'll have to level another pet to get enough training points for full skills. Please help!
  4. Hi, I will include a screenshot below. Every time I kill something, it pops a message on screen saying "You can't send a message of this type until level X". At first it was level 10, now it says 19.
  5. Hi, I've been trying to complete this quest, but after third try I think it's bugged. After "I'm hit" event, I should be able to fly the plane back to quest beginning site, but.. all I can do is to rotate the plane (X-Y axis only, not Z), which, flies too slow, to get to landing before it crashes, and even if plane wasn't set on fire, which gave me time to get to the landing - I wasn't able to use "land" skill, 'cause "cannot use that yet" Am I doing something wrong, or it's just bugged? But I think it's weird that I can't move the plane by Z-axis.. Best regards
  6. Gressilzlol

    No whitehits meleattacks during fight

    Randomly during encounters at an yet undefined point my auto or whitehits suddenly stop. It happens randomly and today more than ever, happened 1 time before a few weeks ago and was fixed with a client restart. Today it happened multiple times and in some cases not even the client restart could fix it, I checked options in menu under combat and the "stop attack" was unchecked also I did not mess with anything in options beforehand. I can not find a keybind that would activate the stop attack aswell. I have a screenshot of one of the fights in which it occured, you can see clearly that there is zero "melee" dmg listed as my whitehits where completely missing https://imgur.com/a/G6O1fVn Anyone else experience this?
  7. Good afternoon Today I played the arena and after several victories over one team, these guys started to leave the arena as soon as the fight began. They did not lose the rating, and we didnt got. Is not this a bug? I managed to make only one screenshot. This bug allows you to "choose opponents" I think.
  8. Via_Silvas

    Can't play due to dll error

    Hello, I'm new to the forums, and I'm trying to run WoW.exe, but it says that a dll can't be found, so I tried to use the Repair Tool but the Repair Tool always says "can't download information from the server, please try again later" is it unvommon, or am I just too noobie and full of problems?
  9. It seems that when I metamorphosis and spam shadow cleave while casting, it is casted {highlighted until cast ends} and the next press on it, it stops {unhighlighted}. Plus, when im casting and pressing it, it doesnt go off after the cast, my character doesnt use shadow cleave after cast is done. I played retail wow and the way it should work is as follows: When it is being spammed while casting another spell, it should remain highlighted {pressed/casted} all the time. It is not supposed to be highlighted when I press it the first time and unhighlighted when I press it the second time. Second, it should instantly goes off right after cast. But the way it works here is that you have to wait for a couple of seconds until it goes off like a cast. Thank you
  10. NewReeve

    Invisible AoE

    Hi everyone. I've come across a weird game bug. I don't rly see some ground AoE effects which is a big problem in PvP, because I can't see effects like flare, consecration, death and decay,... But it's also problem in PvE, because today in raid my guild mates were like "Hey, don't stand in the flames!" and my reaction was "What flames?" Here's an example... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtEYsQn_zH0&feature=youtu.be And my video settings: http://screenshot.cz/6CW02/ Have you seen this before? Can you give me some kind of advice? Thanks in advance!
  11. Outdorphins


    So I recently attempted to do the quest Cluck! where you flap around like a chicken using a /chicken macro, which promotes a chicken in Westfall at Saldeans Farm to give you a quest "CLUCK!". The chicken asks you to get her some special feed from Farmer Saldean. Normally you would either have time to get the feed, walk back and hand it in, or already have purchased the feed, and then complete the quest on the spot. The reward is a kick ass chicken pet. But after accepting the quest, the chicken turns from a green NPC, back to a yellow one, removing the option of talking to it. So I'm curious if I need to be patient and actually flap around again in hopes of getting the ability to turn the quest in? or is it broken? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Possible bug? I will edit with screenshot in a bit. When selecting a dead enemy I get the ‘Hammer of Wrath’ popup/prompt, regardless of whether I killed it or not.
  13. aenorian

    Bug in Autoattack

    Hopefully this topic sticks, for the last 4 days i am unable to autoattack after about 3-5 mins after log in as a warrior this is highly annoying cause i can't generate rage i've removed the ElvUi and tested again > same issues i've removed the addons > same issue Anyone else with the same issuebug
  14. Hey! I freshly came here and i found only one bug yet on my adventure. When i heal -so drop out boomkin form- my character DISAPPEAR for a very short time. so i don t see a nelf or a boomkin too. The suggestion In case that boomies are very weak in pvp i recommend to healing spells and mounting do not drop out from boomkin form,and maybe it gonna help that be a viable choice in pvp. in bg-s it doesnt matter, but in duels and 2v2 even i think 3v3 it could be very important,and maybe it could be better and more playable since we have serious mana issues,survivability problems etc. Thanks so much! Have fun
  15. Itsme

    Hunters Flare Question

    Hello everyone! I have no idea if i should post this here or somewhere else, but here we go. When a hunter use flare at longer range, we don't even see where it will be active until the very slow animation fall down to show us, but its also instantly active which makes it unavoidable in most of the situations. For example: I'm in stealth and i see hunter shoot flare, if I am at its max range and it is on me i get instantly out of stealth without even knowing that its shot to this direction or its shot to somewhere else. You basically have to stay far far away and pray that u don't go through it before you can actually see where it is.... Also if you are inside of the flare spot and you exit it with sprint or nitro boosts and vanish, it still says immune. Even if you are like 10 yards+ out of it, it still says Immune and you don't get into stealth which is kinda broken, because you are not even in the effect of the flare. You can try that. Walk into flare and then sprint/nitro out of it, then vanish, even try vanish prep vanish, you will end up wasting 2 vanishes and just to see Immune text. Well this one is common in most of the private servers but the first thing that i describe is so frustrating and I am pretty sure that I'm not the only person who noticed it. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Flare Using Flare now leaves a bright light on the ground, possibly alerting stealthed units you are nearby. There is a brief period of time after using the spell that a rogue, if properly positioned, can sneak in before the flare effect begins and get an opener off. As you can see the way Flare works hasn't been changed since The Burning Crusade. Edit: Posted at bug tracker as well. https://github.com/SunwellTracker/issues/issues/501 Edit 2: In retail the animation comes instantly where the flare is shot and the small flying dot of light indicates when flare will be over. For example: You shoot flare and the circle of light is instantly on the ground. But the flying dot slowly reaches the circle of light over 20 sec. Once its there the flare is over. So by watching this you know exactly when the flare is over. And you also know where the flare is shot even on max range because it instantly appear on the ground and you can dodge it if its not exactly at your spot. Edit 3: adding wow wiki link with info.
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