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  1. Smradac

    79 twinking

    And then ally(you) started boycoting these bgs... Cheers
  2. Smradac

    Report Fukyouup

    Your name -Rooibos Reported player's name -Fukyouup Date -03.05.2019 Rule that was broken -setting up matches, unapropriate name Description -Guy joins to bgs with ress sicknes, trolls whole evening so alliance can get one more man in bgs Evidence -SS below.
  3. Smradac

    79 twinking

    Balls for what? Trashing? Thats not my thing. Its personal choice not to read that crap. Like i said, respect to Debuff, he is only guy that just likes the game from ally side as far i see atm. Peace,love ya🥰 even nabs that are too pussy to que without premade.cheers!
  4. Smradac

    79 twinking

    Premonition doesnt fit here.H e is little fat mexican And dont forget so lol
  5. Smradac

    79 twinking

    When i see 8a 15h then i know there is 10 horde levelers in que. When i see 15a 8h then i know ally does double premade. Thats a rule. Have fun
  6. Smradac

    79 twinking

    Well, we discused about alliance "strategy" so if that is your game then enjoy. We barely see alliance without premade in bg, u are affraid to have interesting bg? If farming gy is your thing u can go 80 there is that normal drill for ally. This weekend we didnt made single premade,always que with levelers,and thanks god we have them.. Respect to Debuff hunter he quees like normal person really nice m8! There is proof that someone normal plays ally,we will see for how long.
  7. Smradac

    79 twinking

    IOC weekend! Please que without calculations and lets all try gather some honor! Have fun!
  8. Smradac

    79 twinking

    Well idk,these things are so easy to trash. We had member that insulted whole guild. He said its baba but who knows.. Last few days 2 80 allys isolate our members and farming them. Thats also kinda low.
  9. Smradac

    79 twinking

    Can you confirm its someone from our guild? If yes i am sorry about that.
  10. Smradac

    79 twinking

    Why you all put so much focus on Fatality?alliance hates us,most polaks hate us. We are just casual players, playing games. We dont laugh or emote you,just playing for fun. We didnt ever claimed that we are better then anyone else here. Can you understand that? BR Smuc
  11. Smradac

    79 twinking

    I am so flattered that u took SS of me!😍
  12. Smradac

    79 twinking

    No need to say that. We all share love for this game, thats the point. Noone from our guild did not say that we are better or superior to someone. We just love this game and bracket. If alliance have way to make things more interesting/better start acting normal and we can make some discord group so we can arrange it. These stupid posts like FAR FARs doesnt help. Cause we both know Alliance uses atleast 10x more faps then horde.we can argue about that but we all know its truth.
  13. Smradac

    79 twinking

    FAR FAR 😂
  14. Smradac

    79 twinking

    Please dont worry about Fatality.We have 10-15 active members and from that half of them does mostly pve.Ofc when we can we do few premades and thats it.its not uncommon to stop premades in winning streak. Your problem is that all of you are acting like 12yo Donald Trump. Bragging when winning and quitting when loosing. Why dont u emote when u dont have 4 healers behind you? U dont respect enemy at all. Maybe thats the reason why ppl from ally guilds comming to horde. In hope that you get some brain soon, BR Smuc.
  15. Topic content: Your name -Rooibus Reported player's name -Estes Date -12.02.2019 Rule that was broken -Insulting, fixing up match. Description -Player is on purpose afk, insults people, on multiple bgs, trying to fix matches. Evidence -SS below Cases like this are lately very often(idk but prob also on ally side) and we need to react asap to keep nice games on sunwell and stop this bull*hit.
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