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    Yinian Banned by Feathere

    Character Name: Yinian Punishment reason: PayPal abusing Game Master: Feathere Summary:I want to ask a question for my friend: why was his role in the game regared as paypal abusing, even though he did not use paypal at all and he even has not bought anything in the game? Please check the situation and I will appreciate your help, thanks again!
  2. ccjvip

    Dbaixixi banned by Crafty

    Character Name: Dbaixixi Punishment reason: Goldbuying Game Master: Crafty Summary: I am so sorry, but please give me one more chance and I promise that I will never do it again. I will give the gold back and please do not freeze my account. Tanks very much!
  3. ccjvip

    Acedog(Baned by Piootrek)

    Character Name: Shaw Punishment Reason:You bought a gift from user: oys123abcd This user abused paypal and that\'s why your acc is banned. You must pay Coins for your gift. Please contact Piootrek on Discord. Game Master:Piootrek Summary:I want to repay the money, but the donate is not accessible to me. Could you help me unlock my account? I like this game so much; If my account cannot be unlocked, please make the donate accessible to me and then i can repay the money. I will appreciate your help so much and many thanks.
  4. my player's name - Mobike Reported player's name -Murlin Date - 2018.12.26 14:50 Rule that was broken -Ninjalooted and abuse others and talk dirty Description - We killed the third boss of icc10 and he dropped the Muradin's spy glass; then Pokensmott rolled a 30 and I rolled a 98, but the leader gave the Muradin's spy glass to his friends. After I left the team, Murlin began to seriously abuse me and even talk dirty in the global channel. In considertion of this situation, I think abusing others is a very serious and terrible thing and I strongly call on GM to punish Murlin in order to keep a harmonious armosphere among game players. Evidence - Ninjalooted Evidence abusement Evidence (talking dirty )
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