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    32-bit Client messing up

    Is there not a 64-bit client? Just freshly installed and when it was done installing, I started it up and the video was playing with audio but no visual, it was just my desktop background but a smaller resolution and after that couldn't do anything. Started it up again, changed video settings, after applying the game froze but the audio is still playing. Any help is appreciated. EDIT: It's horrible, I don't know how others are not having the same problems. Any video change freezes the game. Man, SURE WISH I COULD SPEND MY MONEY ON THIS GAME... >.>
  2. Festerguts

    Need Help Removing Unwanted On-Screen Addons or W.E.

    I don't understand though. It was fine when the TBC server came out, had an issue with my PC last week, re-installed windows and installed WoW last night again and now it's like this, nothing changed. I have the same addons as before. EDIT: It went away 👍
  3. What is this Radar and Audio thing and how do I remove it?
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