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  1. Budzyn

    [Frosthold] Naxxramas - 4.12.2019

    It's not even funny enymore. All content is boring, just kiling Kel'Thuzad is boring, but what about adding 24.7 milion hit points. Will it do the job? Its ridicolous why you later cry about lack of ppl online when you make such moronic mistakes like this. For me it sounds like some sick joke, like you didnt even test what its going to be dealing with those boses.
  2. Budzyn

    Angrathar - Important News

    Why shuld we pay you same as 3 monts playing on the official server for 4 characters ?
  3. Budzyn

    Ninja Lotter Rejmen

    My nick: Budzyn Nickname of person breaking the rules: Rejmen Today about 14 o'clock On raid " VOA 25", player named "Rejmen" give item to the wrong person. Item supose to go to my friend "Adikox" who draw largest nuber "87".Raid leader give that item to man who draw "77". Here u have proves.
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