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    Battlegrounds! please!

    I am looking forward to gear up my lvl 70 characters with PvP gear, but it seems battlegrounds are slowly dying. It takes forever to get a Q pop and when it does pop its something completely unbalanced or way too few people in the battleground forcing it to close. What do you think? Would be cool if the devs brought attention to PvP with something like those xp events.
  2. wobbey291

    BGs Horde Dominated

    I honestly never experienced the horde domination. since the last AV weekend alliance has been winning a lot more from my experience. Horde team is filled with afks and they just wait for the quick mark
  3. I have seen threads on this forum saying that horde was winning most of the bgs and that alliance side was barely playable, but it seems I live on another planet. Most of the bgs I play as a horde (no data but I'd say 90% of them) result in having at least 3 afk's that do nothing or braindead people that don't fight objectives. In a WSG, EotS or AB having that many AFK's does have a huge impact on the outcome. The end result is oftenly if not always a loss. It gets really frustrating since reporting the AFK's doesn't do much, it only prevents them from gaining marks or honor. It doesn't kick them from the fight in order to get someone that wants to participate or anything. I am in north america so maybe that influences the experience I am getting on this server, I am at a loss can someone tell me if I am the only one living this? Is there any way to notify the community that is running this server to make them try to implement something that would fix this problem. I loved TBC pvp and wish to love it again.
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