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  1. Tiryan

    Newcomer question

    aside from frontiersman no-one bothered to explain how a conclusion has been reached regarding which class is worst/best at tanking in 3.3.5a and even those two arguments (ardent defender and having a high health pool) are pretty lackluster. in essence these replies are nothing to base any ranking upon. You could have at least mentioned how the raids are designed on this particular pserver in comparison to retail and at which point of the progression we are currently standing. blizzard managed to fail in both BC aswell as wotlk in regards to tanks stacking avoidance which was mainly caused by the overpowered gear. based on this the early raids had hard hitting enemies. The result of it was tanks getting destroyed in a few hits if their avoidance failed. Since the gameplay turned out to be rather stressful (especially for healers) they decided to implement debuffs onto the later raids while also lowering overall damage that would be inflicted onto tanks. BC received the sunwell radiance which increased enemies chance to hit by 5% and reduced tank dodge by 20%, wotlk later received chill of the throne, appyling the same dodge debuff. Assuming every tank has at least 20% dodge this means that every class was hit equally hard by it. You could argue that ferals suffered the most since they rely solely on dodge. The intention of both debuffs was to design bosses and thus incoming damage to be more steady instead of spiking hits resulting in an overall better experience. It seems as tho most people automatically assume that avoidance is pointless in ICC due to the debuff and lazily stack stamina only. Nubs will be impressed by large health numbers after all. If you are a decent tank you will however understand that surviving damage is only part of your role. You only need enough health to survive burst. Everything above that is wasted and should have been used on avoidance instead. A feral with 80k health and no dodge will only drain healer's mana. In any case & based upon what I experience daily most of the players probably suck at managing (=using) their skills anyway, thus the best class for them is the one which requires the least effort. I always cringed when playing retail and people being obsessed with everyone having to use flasks and stuff when at the same time no-one bothered to educate the mediocre, underskilled players in the raid on how to effectively double their dps.... like ferals spamming nothing but mangle and ferocious bite. tl,dr. any tank is completely playable in wotlk and if you actually understand the design you are already far superior compared to the average joe. if it's different on angrathar compared to retail someone should outline the changes but simply stating X is worst and Y (which is probably what they play themselves) is best!11 is pointless.
  2. if you actually did this at some point you'd know that it's not working as you described. I tried it because mods on this board claimed the same, but it does not matter if you put people on ignore. You will still be matched with them in random groups. You won't see their party chat (only the bubbles above their head in case you have them enabled) there is no way to prevent people joining your groups... all you can do is leave and I regularly did this. regarding the topic I'd agree with the poster above. If people insult and kick someone this often there's a reason for it other than them being random jerks. If you are this selfish and join without proper gear, without the proper knowledge how to play a tank and probably even without a proper spec... the very least you can do is accept the backlash you'll inevitably receive and deserve. also concerning what nimeralos wrote further above... whenever someone dies it's the healer's fault for not paying attention. I don't think this is true in the majority of cases, let alone all of them. Player errors like pulling too many groups either by mistake or by overestimating what the group can handle excluded there's a difference between great tanks and mediocre ones resulting in vastly different healing reqs. I had runs with a ~62 tank stacking 24 stamina gems but the same guy had a level 35 shield with 10 block and did not use his defense skills at all. Pretty much no avoidance, only a hp sponge. In all my dungeons this tank was the only one ever complaining about my healing and suggested I'd switch to dps instead even though no-one even died.
  3. Tiryan

    Alliance needs help on PvP ASAP

    from what I experienced so far there are dozens of highlevel alliance players targeting lower level areas to vent their frustration on lowlevels. there's even an entire twink guild dedicated to farming regular players around tarrens mill... I guess fair pvp against equally geared opponents is not an option for those folks. aside from those I very rarely see an alliance player in my level range this thread certainly has its point... but so far there are no real suggestions. free transfers for H->A should be obvious but won't help at all unless there's a reason to use it. I'm not deterred leveling as horde just because certain players waste their time in lowlevel areas just to make me waste time to walk back from graveyards.
  4. Tiryan

    Red message pops up on screen after every kill

    are you by any chance using an addon reporting your quest progress? like this one https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/quest-announce-2-0 I never used that, but you'll notice other people sending party chat messages when their quest progress updates...
  5. Tiryan

    [Report] Xqzmebitch

    Your name - TiryanReported player's name - XqzmebitchDate - 26 / 12 / 2018Rule that was broken - https://sunwell.pl/page/rules general rules #17, Character name must not be vulgar, racist, insulting + chat rules #6, insulting other playersDescription - see attached screenshot, also insulting and trying to circumvent the deserter debuff by forcing the party to kick him. (he won't participate in the dungeon so either the slot is wasted or we kick him. If kicked he has no debuff and can instantly search another group -> abusing the system) Evidence - see attached screenshot
  6. Tiryan

    [Report] Soferd

    Your name - Artyan Reported player's name - Soferd Date - 26/12/2018 Rule that was broken - https://sunwell.pl/page/rules General rules #8, botting Description - the player is currently level 24 and located in the dalaran crater, alterac mountains. He runs (without using a mount) in a path-like manner back and forth while killing bears and spiders. - usually people would utilize mounts and run straight to a mob instead of running in kind of a zig-zag-pattern. - when you fear the enemies that he attacked he will either chase them or run to the next mob if it's closer and attack that. - he will never stop and complain or otherwise communicate - he's there farming for at least a few hours. I passed him with several chars and everytime he's there, killing random mobs. He gained at least one level since I noticed him. Evidence - you have to observe the behavior yourself... screenshots cannot show this, tho it should be pretty obvious once you are next to him.
  7. Tiryan

    BG balance and Alliance PvP

    low level battlegrounds were pretty much unplayable on retail servers. I can only imagine it's even worse on a pserver. there are only two groups of people playing them; new players who have often times not fully figured out their own class (let alone all the others) and either have nothing in a particular inventory slot or only mediocre quest gear players who consistently fail in higher level pvp due to low skill & everyone having access to the same gear. Thus they exploit/abuse the **** out of questrewards & dungeon-drops to get an absolutely broken character that is pretty much invincible to regular players. blizzard should have never allowed such a situation to develop to this stage. Some time later they acknowledged the issue and split battlegrounds into two queues. If you turned off exp gain you'd only face others who also disabled that. since there are dedicated guilds which only consist of such twinks I'd guess that this fix is not implemented? if I knew this was not an issue i'd join battlegrounds whenever I could and gain levels that way. You have to be insane to re-queue with a character in regular gear after being subjected to such an inbalance. I would not care about 10vs15 matches that way. I can carry those if everyone has pretty much the same equipment and no enchants. tl,dr: remove the pvp twinks -> more people will join -> better chance at equal teams and in general a better experience for everyone
  8. Tiryan

    I need to rant

    so what you are saying is basically... you are one of those people that claim as long as a dungeon is finished everything's fine. According to your mindset it does not matter how well everyone participates and how much they contribute to the success. quick heads-up for you: it does matter. you are wasting everyone's time if you do not contribute as much as you could. If you play dps and don't care about priority lists or rotations you suck and you do not deserve dungeon rewards as someone who actually took the time & effort to get the most out of his class. actual example: if you join as feral and only spam mangle for the duration of the entire run (i.e. not a single shred/rake) and use your CP on bosses for ferocious bite instead of rip... you suck. retail (i.e. blizzard servers) has dps checks and those players are actively working against a success by wasting a player slot, wasting their gear and thus wasting the time of their team. therefore "He did just as much work in the instance as you. He deserves each piece of gear he can equip as you." as you stated above is just an unreasonable assumption and in most cases wrong. you are not automatically entitled to every piece of loot you can equip just by joining the dungeon/raid. but that's not the point, you are defending people who roll on items that they can equip but get next to no benefit out of... and they probably do this because of spite/jealousy. if you join a group you DO owe them something. That's why staff of this server decided to punish ninja looters. It's restricted to raids, yes... but that's probably only because it would be way too much work to handle and also harder to report/analyse correctly if it applied to dungeons aswell. It's also the reason why blizzard implemented the deserter debuff. It's poorly designed but the intent is there. it does not better if you are a jerk to your team in a 5, 10, 25, 40 man raid. obviously. judging by the lack of your arguments and the way you articulate your responses... you are pretty much in no position to tell others to "grow up".
  9. Tiryan

    [Report] Proktologia

    Your name - TayanReported player's name - ProktologiaDate - 16 / 12 / 2018Rule that was broken - https://sunwell.pl/page/rules chat rules #6, Insulting other playersDescription - see attached screenshot, we kicked him due to him repeatedly pulling and attacking groups by himself. He instantly requeued and rejoined our group twice, even after we waited a few minutes. Each time he insulted the entire group and obviously tried to suicide pull to make us wipe. We kicked him while he was running to more enemy groups. Thus we proceeded to finish the dungeon with 4 players. Additional note. I had that guy on ignore prior to this group since I had the exact same experience with him already. It did not prevent him from joining. Evidence - see attached screenshot
  10. Tiryan

    [Report] Throatpie

    Your name - ArtayaReported player's name - ThroatpieDate - 16 / 12 / 2018Rule that was broken - https://sunwell.pl/page/rules general rules #17, Character name must not be vulgar, racist, insultingDescription - see attached screenshot, usually i wouldn't bother with this kind of stuff since it's only a matter of time until someone else reports it but that guy also insulted in party chat, pulled groups as DD and was otherwise not participating with full effort, furthermore he ninjad the last drop, a shield. ... thus knowing I caused that 24 hours ban (according to the ToS) pleases me Evidence - see attached screenshot
  11. it really depends on how much you already know about healing in general and the spells available to you as a druid... even though you did not level as restoration you might have noticed other resto druids in your groups; at the very least you should be familiar with the basic spells every druid gets regardless of spec (like rejuvenation / regrowth / healing touch...) in any case there are plenty of guides available online if you search for them. A solid example seems to this one posted at mmo-champion
  12. Tiryan

    I need to rant

    i left retail years ago for the exact same reason... running a particular 5-man for a specific drop only to have it stolen by someone else. That guy already got the battered hilt for quel'delar but still rolled need again on another (worse) weapon that didn't even fit his spec. Confronted about it he just stated that he'd use the sword on one of his alts. Afterwards I got kicked because he and two others of the party belonged to the same guild. and to top it off, they were carried by me. I had way worse gear but also leading on dps by a huge margin. awesome experiences indeed. first of all this entire response and the way you quoted him shows your lack of manners and maturity. good job. and regarding your other points. you have no clue how much work he did compared to the remaining party members. And it does not even matter in the situation that he described. the item that he is most likely referring to is "seal of the pantheon" the only justification to roll on that when you are not tanking is when the tank already has something equal or better in both slots. In any other case you should be punished. If it were possible and I had the power I'd deny you any loot in your next 10 dungeons/raid. If you do this to a couple people this issue would solve itself and no-one would feel the need to be selfish for no reason at all.
  13. Tiryan

    ignore list vs RDF

    hi, there's a statement repeated on the board that putting players on ignore will prevent further queuing into their groups. either this information is outdated and the feature disabled by now or it's jut not working. see screenshots below. from what I understand ninja-looting and other similar selfish behaviour cannot be reported for regular dungeons but only for raids... being forced to play with them regardless renders the RDF pretty pointless for normal people
  14. Tiryan

    The behaviour of GM's

    judging by the daily ban appeals one can read on the forum it certainly looks that way so far I have zero experience with the staff on either server but I'd expect they observe and convict without personal bias. Still they are just humans like everyone else and can misinterpret player behaviour. At least you can defend yourself and they will actually listen/read what you have to say. However you are indeed correct, i.e. how will you manage to proof your innocence without actually frapsing every playing session? it's your word vs what they saw. Furthermore from my understanding an appeal is only considered by the same GM that banned you in the first place. Lots of room for errors and misuse. All that said I still prefer them handling it in such a manner. Otherwise people would even more readily exploit, bot and cheat their way through the game
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