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    Survival Hunter pre raid bis

    You're probably right. Didnt play surv at early stages of TBC at high lvl of pve. The addition of ~200 attack power from EW and imp. hunter's mark (although I think that one of BM hunters should pick that up) is enough to make surv much more useful than one would initially think.
  2. edekk

    Survival Hunter pre raid bis

    Exactly what I said I was responding to this
  3. edekk

    Survival Hunter pre raid bis

    It all depends on how many melee you have in your raid but i'd say that 800 agi is a minimum to give raid a significant boost and overcome dmg loss compared to BM hunter (who actually gives 3% dmg buff so that's quite good as welll). Btw, surv will never outdps BM in personal dps.
  4. edekk

    [Report] Lionamuewf

    Your name - EdekkReported player's name - LionamuewfDate - 06.12.2018Rule that was broken - 4. Selling / buying gold is prohibited. for selling gold - the player is punished with a permanent ban without being able to appeal against its; for buying gold - the removal of all gold held on all characters and 14 days ban. Removing gold, professions and riding might be an alternative punishment.
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