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  1. Mostly when I login to the website, I'm facing a very poor performance. Especially the /store route loads very slow. Unfortunatly you can't add an item to your store cart before all images got loaded. Images like https://sunwell.pl/img/smn/redraptor.png require sometimes 2-5 minutes to load. Could you please speed up the host performance or implement a service worker in your homepage which allows to save assets to browser?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm playing on Nightbane since launch. I've enjoyed most of the time playing there, but ran often in issues due to Pathfinding, CreatureAI and LoS calculation. I see, that you are working on many different things and I also see the large amount of work when looking into Github. In my opinion the major pathfinding and LoS issues should have the highest priority because they affect all aspects of the game. For this reason I want to offer my time and knowledge to you for fixing these issues. This is what I want to do: Updating the recastnavigation dependency Updating different modules to the latest version of TrinityCore 3.3.5a and change them to work with 2.4.3 and your current compiler version. map/vmap/mmap extraction tools game related components for calculation of Collison/LoS and Pathfinding movement generators If you want I can also help you to implement some other features/tools like a program or ingame command which uses the mmaps and pathfinding components to change static npc waypoints to a higher resolution, which prevents npcs from walking through buildings or under the map. I can this also do by enabling pathfinding between static waypoints (idk how this increases the cpu usage). adding missing dbc structures which will allow you to use more information from client database. prioritized packet queues for faster response of important packets like them for for spell cast or movement. implementation of a cache and lazy-loading system to speed up startup process. setup of a container based worldserver runtime which will reduce the downtime during an update to just a few seconds. This will also allow you to enable an automated update rollback when the server becomes unstable after an update. programming a service, which runs independend from worldserver and uses a deep learning framework such as tensorflow to detect gold sellers. There is only one core modification required, which is a tcp socket to accept connections from the service for receiving chat messages to evaluate. What qualifies me: I'm working with wow emulators since 2006 (started on WAD => Mangos => Antrix => Ascent => ArcEmu => TrinityCore) I was employed in paid full-time by different projects for development I've been working in a software company as developer (primarily web development => PHP, C#, TS, JS, HTML, CSS => Laravel, .NET Core, Angular, Loopback) for more than 6 years I know World of Warcraft very good and have already ~10 days playtime on Nightbane I know about the importance of data protection in this business, so I won't ask for core/db access, but there are other ways for me to contribute. I remember to read somewhere that you are using hellground-tbc as base for your development. We can do it in one of these ways: Take your core, delete the scripts/sql folders, your updates to warden and the spell corrections from spellmgr, push it to a free, private git repository (maybe gitlab or bitbucket) and give me access. I can fix the build errors by myself. I push the latest hellground-tbc core from github to a private git repository and perform the fixes on this one. In both situations you will have to pick the changes by yourself to apply my updates. If you need more information feel free to ask. Cheers Jar EDIT#1: I wanna mention one of my latest projects which hasn't been finished yet but maybe it's interessting for you. I've started to downgrade the latest TrinityCore 3.3.5a to work with 2.4.3. It has implemented many awesome features for development e.g. the hot reloading. I have finished the tooling for dbc/map/vmap/mmap, the dbc structure, authentication packets, character creation/selection and some packets required for login. I've started on the packet for object updates but it isn't finished yet.
  3. I noticed the same. I tried to check the videos on youtube again, but there are no more videos from SunwellProject channel. There are also many other issues which need to get discussed. Update getting in most cases deployed while prime time. It's pretty bad because it can ruin a dungeon group due to instance reset after restart. Downtime while updates is too long and can be reduced to few seconds by setting up a container infrastructure. CasterAI has a lot of issues. A fix will affect the whole gameplay experience from level 1-70 and in dungeons/raids. Dynamic view distances have to get implemented. Some npcs must have the max view distance, others should set their view distance depending on the amount of players inside the responsible grid. Dynamic respawn rates (also depending on amount of players within a single grid OR within an area). Packet prioritization. It is basically about setting up two queues for packet handling. A kind of "VIP queue" which takes packets like for spell start/go etc. The standard queue which takes all other packets. It doesn't matter if a chat message requires 500ms to get delivered but it matters if a spell start request requires 100ms for a response. If you have more questions about one of those systems feel free to pm me. Cheers
  4. I like the idea of a dev section. I'd also love to contribute sometimes. I don't have much time to spend in non-business coding but sometimes there are small issues which could get fixed faster than writing a bug report. Maybe you can also provide a kind of documentation about your classes and method signatures so we are able to contribute code snippets.
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