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  1. Syk

    Account freeze

    Hello, That was the second time said player was caught botting. Appeal Denied!
  2. Syk

    Bauwz (Banned by Iskyl)

    The Appeal has been re-reviewed and the ban will be shortened.
  3. Syk

    [Ekkareth] (Mute by Sykosis)

    Hello, Yes this was a mistake, It was in the heat of Anal Spam, the mute will be revoked, once again I offer sincerest apologies
  4. Syk

    Why closed my account ?

  5. Syk

    Topic title: Larkens Banned by Drvo

    Hello, Check your Forum DMs
  6. Syk

    Codeinez (Banned by Iskyl)

    Hello, The Apology is appreciated however, it doesn't make it Okay to use bots. You will get your second chance in 7 days after your ban is out. Appeal Denied
  7. Syk

    Lovesti banned by Sykvii

    Ban has been lifted, for now, Upon any Violation of the rules in the future, you will receive a far more strict ban.
  8. Syk

    Shadow Priest PVE Gear ranking

    This is a decent list to have as a reference point. However it doesn't account for several things: 1.Int and Stam aren't taken into account (When wearing FSW and Spellstrike early on you will lack these) int is especially important for T5 and early T6 where you still have mana issues, and more stam means more SWD and that is all around good. 2.And dropping points from Shadow focus for other tools in the shadow tree is always a good idea Mind Blast,VE, Shadow Weaving, so hit isn't bad 90% of the time, it's up to you to minmax it. 3. And lastly doesn't consider your spell power when evaluating haste along with matching gems to their sockets (that is mostly a problem in Late BT and sunwell)
  9. Syk

    sunwell coins

    Sadly no. Sunwell and Nightbane coins are separate
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