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  1. Peanut

    Uban me from discord

    Unbanned. Behave next time.
  2. Peanut

    gnache banned by peanut

    Seeing as you clearly remember the exact moment I'm convinced I must have made a mistake. Unbanned.
  3. There is no preferential treatment. All players are treated alike.
  4. Wrong forum. Please post this in the proper administrative forum for appeals and ninja reports.
  5. Peanut

    Nil banned by Peanut

    Greetings, We have reason to believe you automated your bugusing with the help of software. Due to your good attitude and the nature of what you were doing I decided to leave it at a 7day ban instead of a 14day or longer one. Your request to lift or shorten your ban sentence further has been denied. What you did is against our terms and we expect you to know them. Regards, Peanut
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