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  1. sonoswift

    Wipe the Server: POLL

    I found this post of someones frustrations about the server admins aswell, but perhaps the guys account being hacked may not have been a coincidence, the server admins are not trust worthy, but i suppose a paid crew working off donations is the result of such corrupt behavior
  2. sonoswift

    Deleted characters and restoration

    this looks alike another case of the admin bamboozling the community into what everyone thinks is a fair environment, seems like a classic case of lightshope admin all over again. I dont say this through a blind statement, the results of nightbanes server as posted in explains alot about how / why this server admin are corrupt
  3. Appears that i am not the only one, and of the few that believes there is something fishy going on check out the reddit link that is on my forum post about this type of topic, also the guy i spoke with briefly on reddit had told me he has a source which he isnt willing to reveal just yet.
  4. sonoswift

    Wipe the Server: POLL

    Apparently another person unhappy with sunwells idiotic decision to not wipe the server so another person that is thinking something fishy is going on with sunwell yet again, not surprised, though this guy did have some pretty valid points as to how/why they could have done it
  5. sonoswift

    Wipe the Server: POLL

    Not sure, but it seems to be the only good idea, if they wont then id say make another tbc server and let the new players play to where/what they were promised, a new server with the ability to play upon release and get the equal headstart they were waiting for for the past months. Me and my guild do not intend to stick around here if they do not intend to fix their stupid error (68 of us)
  6. sonoswift

    Wipe the Server: POLL

    https://strawpoll.com/hxs7zyxc https://www.strawpoll.me/16953553/r 2 of the Polls Posted in Discord
  7. sonoswift

    Wipe the Server: POLL

    A poll needs to be in order to wipe the server, Sunwell made a very large mistake in keeping the server up to allow a handful of players to get a headstart on the server, this is extremely unfair for everyone else that has been trying to login since the first minute of release, this brings multiple things in to question. Server first achievements The starting server ECONOMY/Items, farming, etc. Equal playtime opportunity Desired Character Names are taken No other server Devs/Admin have EVER kept a server Running during such poor and excruciating log-in terms. The idea to keep the server running during such a critical issue was/is a very very POOR idea and is essence IS NOT FAIR TO EVERYONE. How can we tell that some users weren't targeted explicitly to enter, during which some circumstances may/may not have been applied. There have been 2 Server Wiping Polls on the Discord, and many annoyed responses about the server not being wiped, apparently some users are having no issues while trying to login (get in rapidly) while others (such as myself) can spam the enter key for hours and STILL not login. If you think that locking the level @ 58 will fix the issue you guys are VERY wrong, this is a very poor attempt at fixing a very large mess up that you guys have created, many people joined Sunwell to get an early start and begin playing upon release. The only considerable / logical means of remedying such a large ERROR would be to do what the server does often. TAKE A POLL FOR SERVER WIPE. ATLEAST BEGIN IT NOW BEFORE YOU FIX THE PROBLEM AND PEOPLE BEGIN PLAYING AGAIN
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