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  1. JockSandWich

    What are you most looking forward to

    Picture this, Late on night on wipe day got a bunch of the guild doing gruul (I know it was on farm but it was the last of the things we did cause it was easy) I being a warrior tank and DPS offset have been in here for a while with the introduction of new people into our guild its taking some adjusting to let them find their skill and not wipe. After a hour or so we finally down the boss, I'm at my old college dorm in the dark on shit internet with a horrible laptop with 3 roommate sleeping. DragonSpine drops...I literally let out an audible "oh shit" I had been trying to get it for a while to complete my warriors offset for fury dps (as you know they were not the best dps without certain items and stat caps) we all begin to roll (dkp was cut from our guild mid BC) I roll a 99. I win the item! I shout fuck yeah and then my laptop shuts off cause it over heated. There is no option other than asking a GM if he can give me the item i missed because of it, The GM says sadly he can't give me the item. Memorable night I'm looking forward to seeing how the community grows and raids progress.
  2. JockSandWich

    Feedback! Respawn Timers

    I would love to jump in here and give some input and feedback on your post. When you say that these are "unfun" fixes, I would say thats opinion. I've been doing that and i'm having a blast with people I meet. While I was around for the burning crusade launch on retail I can tell you 100% that while this isn't exactly the same, I surely had group with people and compete for quests and mobs. Put yourself in the shoes of it being a TBC launch, first off being one of the most popular expansions it brings alot of people to the server though on retail the expansion had more people leveling from 60-70 than from 1-70 (not saying people weren't doing 1-70 new class options were a thing.). I would say that in a week maybe 2 that areas are going to quiet down they already have quieted down a giant amount compared to launch week, This game is MULTIplayer so you might want to get used to jumping in groups with people to do things(just like you literally did if you were around in BC) if your not open to playing with others how will you raid/pvp/dungeon/farm? If your only goal is to get 70 and nothing more and you wanna do it solo then you should consider these hard things as things to extend your hours played. By not wanting to group with people doing it and getting it done in 10 mins your making your stay longer and harder, The option to complete the quest is there you just dont like the option because retail lets you solo till you can raid, This was literally how it was in BC a lot, Dont even get me started on the ganks in BC on retail lol. All that being said, I haven't been on a quest yet that I couldn't complete in 10-15 mins by just saying /s inv (QUEST) where im doing a quest simple and fun, Met a bunch of people that i play with daily or at least talk too. Retail spoiled people with being able to solo everything and never having to interact with anyone ever until max level, Its a multplayer game not singleplayer
  3. JockSandWich

    pvp toggle off in all zones

    People already answered, First off welcome and im glad you are enjoying your stay! There currently only PvP on nightbane, as far as i know there won't be any options other than PvP server. I can understand that its frustrating to get ganked and die while questing, but there is a bright side! You can use the time to maybe gather a group and maybe make some friends to play with, Maybe look into moving zones, or a good time to work on an alt character, Perhaps its a good time to take a break from wow for a bit and calm down maybe eat or watch some youtube or streams (everything even WoW is best in moderation!) The silver lining here is once you get out of the zone and get some gear and levels you can go back and do the same to the other faction as they are doing to you! Though that does seem like grief so keep in mind how you felt when you got ganked and turn the other cheek I hope your stay is enjoyable! QUICK EDIT! I also see that there maybe groups ganking, but you have to see that while you are out here competing with your own faction for quests the other faction is also so groups of people together kill the opposite faction won't be an uncommon thing for a while.
  4. JockSandWich

    easiest class to play?

    That's a hard question to answer, It depends on bracket I would say. Probably the easiest answer is someone who isn't a support such as someone how has to watch interrupts and cool downs as much as other people. Probably the best answer is whatever you like to play as far as dps heal support then of those which class would be easier to play as far as master, it's a hard one to answer. A friend of mine has only played paladin since release of retail that's all he plays ever, Now paladins have some good combo's and places in arena but he actually only plays ret. That being said he is a master of the class i would say but even being the master of a class that doesn't have a place in top tier in a certain spec its useful but as useful as a cookie cutter arena team comp. So lets start with what do you like doing? healing or dps or more of a support control?
  5. JockSandWich

    server experience

    While I can understand your frustration, There is a proper place to put bugs and issues of this sort. As for the GM being able to port you to your friend, Things are always as black and white as they appear sure he has the ability to the port you there but will that crash the instance servers by putting 2 or possibly more ID's together in an instance? Will it put you in the area as him but not in the instance just a zoned in area with no mobs or perhaps respawn all mobs? This would be very frustrating, The login issues seem to be worked out but please post in right area for bugs so we can help fix everything for everyone!
  6. JockSandWich

    Feedback! Respawn Timers

    Of course im exaggerating we all do it.
  7. JockSandWich

    Spectral Tiger or NON-Crate mount!

    First off thanks for the donation, and enjoy that amazing mount! Second off I would say that we are at a pretty good place with donation to reward ratio's and adding specific items might be great way to help those looking for very specific things such as just a certain mount, I would be wary of putting too much into dono rewards as we don't want any way to "pay to win".
  8. JockSandWich

    Unable to login

    Did he fix his Realmlist the right way?
  9. JockSandWich


    Quality content, Thanks for the feedback. Go ahead and delete this one mods.
  10. JockSandWich

    How are you leveling?

    Sure, Using guides like that is fine however, You run into snags when it tell you to do a quest that is popular at that time. Meaning when there are 15 people doing it. (Like murloc quest in redridge or worgen/skeletons/undead in darkshire) That's when you should kick in and find other means of leveling such as other quests or areas.
  11. JockSandWich

    How are you leveling?

    Knowing where to go and what quests to do in a row before turning them in helps alot, Also most people spend a lot of time competing for quests and mobs, Just go to another area If you can't get decent quests going go to another area and kill mobs along the way. Always be getting exp, but balance that with making sure your getting to new places fast and efficient.
  12. JockSandWich

    No Thanks Sunwell..here is why

    If your are going leave already. K BYE THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! There isn't gonna be a wipe, stop crying that people played more than you and before you go back to retail and whine that your free gear isn't warforged. thanks for pointing out the obvious, there you've been acknowledged cya. one less person crying that it isn't retail. Welcome to TBC where you got ganked cause its a pvp server, and the time you put in matters unlike 300% more exp on retail with heirlooms and potions. If you dont give even one shit then go..No one gives a fuck if your here or not honestly.
  13. JockSandWich

    No herbs?

    Not that it's helpful, But I (without herbalism) see lots of herbs in redridge. I almost took herbalism just because i saw them so often, That being said maybe i see a lot cause low lvl herbs are scarce.
  14. JockSandWich

    Help with Nightbane Addons

    I thought you quit cause everyone got a pile of unfair advantage and the servers didn't wipe?
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