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  1. Goldelian

    Big issue in RDF system

    Don't flatter yourself kiddo. I didn`t do this post for you, you are just a scumbag that contributed in making this post happen.
  2. Goldelian

    <Never Twenty> [H] 1-19 Twink Guild

    Hello. How many twinks you guys have ready to go ?
  3. Goldelian

    [H/EU] <TITAN> 25M hardcore raiding guild

    Congratulations for achieving 2nd realm kill for KT guys!
  4. Goldelian

    Gladius and Intrrerupt Bar

    Anyone has found a working version for Angrathar? Thanks!
  5. Goldelian

    Big issue in RDF system

    I didn`t get to roll as i got kicked during the loading screen. It is not only me getting kicked by them. It's a normal thing that happens when you get in heroics with some of the people from this guild at least. What can we do...
  6. Goldelian

    Big issue in RDF system

    Let me make it even more clear. The moment i have released is when i saw no one was ressing me. At that moment when the timer was not even half way to expire. Given the fact that you can still roll in case you opt for release, i did it, just that my group colleagues were already voting to kick me. My PC has an SSD-hard which gets through loading screens super-quick, so i still had plenty of time to roll on the items, if i wouldn`t have been kicked. In conclusion, it's not that i did not get to roll on the items because time run out. I could not roll because i got kicked. Thanks for your interest and for reply-ing to my post so that you can understand it correctly. I hope i made it clear this time, if not let me know.
  7. Goldelian

    Big issue in RDF system

    @Ronin Unfortunatly as it's something that you don`t expect to happen you can`t have more evidence for this. I have found more people on global complaining about the mentioned guilds and had the same experience as i had. @bongo_bg that's a wise thing to do, but than you don`t have people that have the same needs as you always. @Nadiir The only suggestion that i have and of course i did not put that much into finding the best solution would be that the admins would add a rule that punishes such behaviours if they may consider this is an inaproppiate behaviour. @kimmoKM I agree with you that having such a rule would mean a passive and long term time consuming for the administrators. I just wanted to mention this, so that people know who they are dealing with and for the administrators to understand and know as well what happens around. @zerfx You need to understand that i have given as many informations as possible, but the problem is not that the addons got the NEED/GREED/PASS covered. @Alyndra Thank you very much for taking your time and create such a post that can get people confused about things i have releated, with a reply that proves you are more than a ninja for people that acttualy take a few minutes to understand the situation. @Alyndra Allow me to return with a screenshot that another person has had the same experience a few minutes ago and mentioned it on /global channel. Now please hit reply and tell people that it's my ALT char. @Alyndra If what you are saying it's true, what made you wait to kick me just when the boss died and not in the moment when i was a "scrub". With that you have just served yourself and besides the fact that you are a ninja, the statements you did proves you are a liar as well, because that far you would go with something that is wrong and even encourage the people from your guild to do as well. When someone is doing something that is considered inappropriate by the group, he is getting kicked right away, not after 10 minutes in which he does something inappropriate(hypothetically speaking).
  8. Goldelian

    Big issue in RDF system

    I am always highest DPS, i never pull instead of the tank and i don`t get to say anything than hello as no one is acttualy too much chatty when you queue rdf. What can i do wrong rather than that? It can easly be veryfied in the chat logs if there is something wrong i have done.
  9. Goldelian

    Big issue in RDF system

    I keep trying to complete this Utgarde Pinnacle [Heroic] for a while and it seems to be impossible. Three times in a row i got kicked by groups (guild groups) that are looking for the same item as me. I only have proofs for the 2 last runs as 1st time i thought it is just a bad luck meeting this kind of people. In the next screenshots(1st and 2nd) you can see how i got kicked (ninjaed) by Lahdanan, Healenza and Yoni from <To Hell and Back> after killing the last boss even. I asked them for a ressurection as i could not hit the roll NEED/GREED/PASS on "Girdle of Bane" (belt - cloth - one of the BiS pre-naxx) because of the "Release tab" covering them. Seeing that they won`t ressurect me i have decided to click "release", by that time they decided it's a better ideea just to kick me. I have made tickets both 1st and 2nd time and i have got the same answer that the GM's can`t do nothing about: - Can't even reset my CD so that i can give it another shot; - This behaviour is not being punished on this server. That and given the fact that it happened a 3rd time in a row when i entered this Utgarde Pinnacle made me decide it's time to make this post. Maybe the GM's are too nice to tell me that it is nothing wrong in doing that on this server, so i would like to have more opinions, so i encourage everyone that takes the time to read this post to reply with whatever he might thinks regarding this subject. Only this way we can have an adjustment, in case something is wrong & in case something can be done, as the Head-GM's are really taking in consideration what people in this community suggest when it is an improvement. Enought talk, here(3rd screenshot) is how the third time i am getting kicked (ninjaed) in the same Utgarde Pinnacle by Alyndra, Shat and Ryna from <Insomnia>, after killing the boss before the last one. Have a great night and looking forward to hearing from as much people as possible on that matter. Maybe i am wrong, but at least i need to get it out of my head.
  10. Goldelian


    M-am mutat la alianta impreuna cu amicii mei. Goldelian Beastx Thisismydk Viskaredbane
  11. Goldelian


    Pe la ce nivel sunt baietii? Eu am un priest Goldelian - level 62 si un Warrior Goldelianx - 21. Alianta!
  12. Goldelian

    [Report] Nightwish

    Hello everyone, Let me know if i`m wrong please, but i don`t find it normal for someone to queue RDF and after he accepted the dungeon and joins he refuses to play or leave because he hits Uldaman. I would suggest players to queue Specific if they don`t want to play random and stop wasting other people time and mood. Regards, Goldelian
  13. Goldelian


    Va salut. Ma gasiti si pe mine la alianta cu numele de Goldelian. Am Tailoring si Enchanting in cazul in care aveti nevoie de ceva.
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