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  1. Shock

    Wipe the Server: POLL

    I think if classic does well we could very well see blizzard invest in legacy servers, then private servers will be done. id happily pay the sub for legit equal legacy servers. I hope that happens, this whole weekend has shown what this scene is all about, the fact they've not even had the decency to admit what we all know, shows how this server will end up. if people are getting special treatment on day 1 then u can bet your ass they will continue to get it. im disappointed in myself mostly for choosing to believe the nonsense in their videos.
  2. Shock

    Cheer up please.

    2bh if EVERYONE was affected by the issues then there wouldn't be so much toxicity, but seeing as it appears that certain players have had privileged access we cant really be surprised so many are angry
  3. Shock

    Wipe the Server: POLL

    wont happen, if what people are saying is true that BIZZNO paid for access then they cant wipe. absolute clusterfuck of a launch. very fishy that most of that guild have had no issues with access
  4. Shock

    1 day cap @ 58.

    exactly, but according to some people that isn't a big deal SMH
  5. Shock

    1 day cap @ 58.

    this isn't my post. I have no friends in the conversation. keep trying tho, its clear your intention is to cause trouble. feel free. youre insignificant. btw head over to discord or reddit and read the shitstorm, just because few are posting here does not mean u are correct.
  6. Shock

    1 day cap @ 58.

    yes this. unfortunately people dont wanna admit the advantage that will exist, until u mention the wipe then they change their tune
  7. Shock

    1 day cap @ 58.

    yep coincidence huh lol
  8. Shock

    1 day cap @ 58.

    lol so much stupid, ignorance in 1 response. if your not bothered by any of it then why are u even here responding? to argue? carry on sir, u can list your fake wow cv all u like. u cant change facts. many people are saying the exact same as me, but yes we are all wrong and u are right. dipshit
  9. Shock

    1 day cap @ 58.

    youre a moron. sorry im not engaging with u any further. I cant teach stupid
  10. Shock

    1 day cap @ 58.

    they will come back to stv just to grief people. guaranteed
  11. Shock

    1 day cap @ 58.

    theres no " get a grip" its a fact, it happens a lot, ive done it myself. u either havnt been paying attention all these years or u dont know what youre talking about im afraid. the only stuff "they make available to us" will be massively overpriced for a start. you are clueless if you dont think it wont change a thing for anyone. guarding low level areas? are u stupid? its not about the low level areas, being level 50 or getting 70 " first". its the headstart they ALL have already which will only get bigger as time goes on, they can farm resources etc with zero competition. resources play a big part in this game. u cant be this stupid
  12. Shock

    1 day cap @ 58.

    u really dont get it. people in their 40s now will reach max level way before everyone else. this is a pvp server, power matters and how quickly u can get it. ontop of that they will have access to and control of all endgame materials/items, prices will be ridiculous and controlled by these players for a long time, making the game between us even bigger at endgame. this isn't random players getting access, its large amounts of the same guilds. its nothing to do with level 34 etc, its about endgame, but I hope u do enjoy getting ganked by these guys instv, cos that WILL happen
  13. Shock

    1 day cap @ 58.

    this is my first fresh server so was really looking forward to it, not being miles behind people, seems I will be regardless now. very disappointing. its not just about levels, its resources, items and gear at endgame, these guys are gonna have total control of all markets before we even have a chance
  14. Shock

    Why, Connected but stuck.

    same, 6 hrs last night, 4.5 hrs today and only managed to create a character. someone suggested in another post that some people were getting priority access, didn't believe that but seeing how some people are in their 40's with no log in issues im starting to find that quite strange. I really hope that isn't the case. this is my first fresh experience, not going very well atm
  15. Shock

    1 day cap @ 58.

    1 day is pretty pointless. so many have an unfair advantage at this point, seriously considering giving up on this server, dont understand how the same people are managing to log on perfectly fine while the rest of us cant get on at all. not looking forward to the STV gankfest 2bh
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