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  1. comesesos

    do allys have any bonus?

    what bonuses do allys have for being lower population?
  2. why only the polish server has transmog¿
  3. comesesos

    killing SCUM is so FUN

    horde is retarded, they dont know read
  4. comesesos

    killing SCUM is so FUN

    making the world a better place god i love this game
  5. comesesos

    easiest class to play?

    which class is the easiest to master in PvP?
  6. comesesos

    pvp toggle off in all zones

    its pvp server
  7. i deleted my toon lvl 26 because pvp rage it is posible to recover?
  8. at that time, people complained A LOT about ugly races in horde in blizzard forums, most people played UNDEAD because they are ugly too but "bad boys", so blizzard made elves for the horde thats why now you go ogrimmar and is full of retarded elves with blond hair cus everyone wants to be handsome and sexy and draenei are the "big boy" like-tauren race, their lore suck btw, no one cares their lore, so you crash your ship because shit ah ok who cares, so much honor so much im a good boy, just like tauren.
  9. comesesos

    Introduce Yourself!

    im comesesos im dreanei huntard i kill stuff
  10. comesesos

    will you wipe the server?

    some people who play are saying that they are lvl 30 now omg i made a lvl 4 yesterday (dreanai huntard) but I cant connect anymore since yesterday omg horde will camp my toon, they taking advantaje
  11. comesesos

    Stuck on Authenticating. . . . .

    stuck in "connected" ....
  12. people who play pretty characters tend to be noobs, is a fact, because handsome races are choosed by immature and selfish kids with no skills female belfs are the cutest characters of the game, thats why they are commonly the worse players vanilla horde were played by adult people they dont care play ugly monters with humps, big fangs and spikes kids went to night elves in vanilla, but since tbc they tend to go to horde thats why i play horde in vanilla and alliance in tbc
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