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  1. Xaximbo

    Alliance needs help on PvP ASAP

    right now 38% alliance, and it will become worse. Its pointless to play alliance if horde has got such a headstart there is no competitive PvP and all PvE guilds will go horde if this is not fixed.
  2. Xaximbo

    Alliance needs help on PvP ASAP

    The leveling experience can easily be fixed if alliance keep the x2 after level 56, similar to the warmode rewards from live servers to compensate the constant runs from graveyard & mob tagging. As for the overall population if this is kept it will not only hurt PvP but PvE. My guild had 10-15 people online for the last month now its 3-5, specifically the high level players have stopped playing. Endgame PvP is non existent as horde has free bgs and has already farmed badges and honor, world pvp is undoable heavily outnumbered everywhere. As for PvE i don't know if there are guilds actually clearing T4 on alliance side. Posible solutions: -Free H->A transfer (won't help much but doesn't hurt either) -Limit character creation to Alliance (this is harsh but was the method used by Blizzard back then) -BG queues forced to start only when they reach the cap from both factions, instead of having 3 WSG's with 7 players on each just one. -x2 rep, honor,trade skills... rates in general until the population is balanced, specifically at level 70 which is the endgame content. Want this advantages? Transfer alliance
  3. Xaximbo

    Alliance needs help on PvP ASAP

    43-57% ratio is not true at 60+ level, outland is swarmed of horde, i would say its 35-65 at higher levels. The little benefits from choosing alliance doesn't pay off the unbalanced PvP and crap lvling experience (to tag a mob you are alone while surrounded by 3+ hordes, you have to wait they finish the quest in order to do it yourself)
  4. Regarding the boost to alliance on weekend. Could you clarifiy if late december is the 21-22th or 28-29th?
  5. Xaximbo

    How are you leveling?

    best advice is go random, there is a reason people go to Tanaris or STV, there are tons of quest, sometimes easy ones but if you go to Desolace/hinterlands/arathi highlands/blasted lands that are far less popular you won't have to compete for a mob tag. Ideally the best zones are the ones suggested by guides but given the circunstances you'd need a B plan as sticking to plan A would undeniably slow you.
  6. Xaximbo

    Feedback! Respawn Timers

    First of all Tanaris and STV are for the brave, on a populated server they are no go zones. Right now the server is not ideally balanced as there are very few people in outland but most people are within the 20-50 zones, as weeks pass distribution will be more uniform and this problems will be solved. PD: do quest in groups of 5, is a lot faster. People are noticing this now, you don't compete for tags + they do them with almost 0 risk.
  7. Xaximbo

    No Thanks Sunwell..here is why

    clearly some people got unfair advantage, the server is overpopulated which is good for some things but bad for others, excessive world pvp, low herbs/nodes, crowded quest areas (dynamic respawn works pretty well now but on day 1-2 it was a mess). All this people that are levels ahead didn't had to fight with 5,000 people for a quest item, weren't ganked by 3-4 higher lvl players all the time etc... as an ally questing in ashenvale or stonetalon mountains is impossible, you are heavily outnumbered, i fear the STV madness. Some people got through it on a PvE server while most of us spent the weekend refreshing the launcher.
  8. Xaximbo

    No herbs?

    I feel like you only see the high level herbs because nobody has enough skill to gather them yet at that low level zones, however apparently they have fixed this a bit, i see more silvearleaf peacebloom now.
  9. Xaximbo

    No herbs?

    I have noticed there are no herbs on the server, i don't know if it is because of overpopulation or there are very few, literally i have not seen one yet. Maybe adjust respawn for some time so getting a peacebloom doesn't feel like getting an epic drop? Is it only my perception or someone else is also struggling to get herbs?
  10. Xaximbo

    Ok, who was the smartass?!

    Yes i think the problem is that there is not an actual queue, would be more bearable if we had 2k spot on queue rather than mindlesly flooding a login server by having 2k attempts at a time and the server being able only to process 1% at a time.
  11. Xaximbo

    Still cannot log in hours later. NA player

    i think i have disconnected now, i think i'm back to queue again sigh
  12. Xaximbo

    Stuck on Authenticating. . . . .

    You just have to wait, a bottleneck is when 3.000 people are trying to get through a door were only 50 can, this won't happen again as people won't be trying to get inside at the same time.
  13. Xaximbo

    Stuck on Authenticating. . . . .

    It's 2008 technology, theoretically the login system could be reworked but i believe since this server is using trinity core which is from 2009 or so, this kind of systems tried to replicate blizzard's one so it has all the problems they had back then.
  14. Xaximbo

    Stuck on Authenticating. . . . .

    2000 players connected as we speak. The problem is not the server itself, is the login server that specially the TBC based ones can't handle more than ~50 attempts per minute, and everyone here is refreshing non stop.
  15. Xaximbo

    Stuck on Authenticating. . . . .

    set realmlist logon.sunwell.pl use this realmlist. Not many people connected it is either the classic bottleneck of a game release or many people using the beta realmlist and collapsing the login server. I'm on authenticating too.
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