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  1. Draakmis

    Druid form macro

    Brilliant thanks.
  2. Draakmis

    Toxic Community

    Point 1: if anyone I don’t know, or am not grouped with puts me on follow I will fuck with them. Get off my back idk you! point 2: if you get but hurt about global.. maybe any and all Online Gaming is just not for you. point 3: only shitters beg for gold. I understand with x2 lvling players are short on gold while leveling, but we all did it. You have to to be smart about it, don’t buy all the abilities, don’t level crafting professions, learn how to quest level intelligently to make the most money. Or hell go out in the world and kill 10-15 mobs for the money you need lazy sack! i also get this is a troll post but it’s still fun to respond to stupid.
  3. Draakmis

    [A] [NA] Druid looking for guild

    I am a fresh 70 looking around at the NA guilds. I am an experienced player, played on multiple vanilla, tbc and wrath servers. This time around I’d like to not get stuck healing (again) but rather boomkin as my main spec. I can and will have an OS either tank or healing, because I like and am good at both to help when needed. Some things I am looking for: 1) I’d be looking for a semi casual guild, but still clear content. 2) week day raid nights (Monday -Thursday) with times between 7-12 pm. Any info would be appropriated, thank you.
  4. Draakmis

    Druid form macro

    I am looking for a situational form macro. To use flight form if able, else use travel form (possibly throw in aquatic form also when in water)? any help would be appropriated, thanks.
  5. Draakmis

    When will connection issues be fixed?

    New servers are always a mess when they first launch, a mass of new players trying to get on can flood servers. And even when you DO get on, game play is usually pretty crappy, so many people trying to quest/farm/etc in starting zones makes it a mad house... That said, I also WOULD like to get on if only to set up my name/character so I can work on addons/wtf folders.
  6. Draakmis

    MAC OS Players

    As a mac user that has been playing privet servers for many years now, I have found NO Mac TBC clients out there. I believe you might be able to find one that would run on the old PPC chip macs, but none for the newer Intel chip macs, sadly. last 2 TBC i played on I had to use a Wine program with a Windows client. Specifically Last TBC I played on I used a program calls [PlayOnMac] with a windows TBC client, and works fine, the only issue I found was I had to re-keybind the screenshot button since Macs don't have that on their keyboard (not a big issue I just used an F#). I was also able to open multiple clients and dual box (with or w/o 3rd party software) with no lag issues. Might now be ideal as I would like a native mac client also, but Wines work well, and are pretty easy to set up. But if I am wrong and someone dose find a client I would love it also!!
  7. Draakmis

    Druids and costumes?!?

    Question; I am wondering if players are able to use costumes while in Druid forms on this server? I have played on some servers (recently Kronos vanilla) and you are able to do this. As a druid I would LOVE this function. Staring at a bear/cat/owl ass is bad enough, but at least in vanilla you are in caster form to heal (which is 90% of the acceptable spec to play) it would be even worse in TBC when you have to stay in tree form all the time. Any thoughts?
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