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  1. Whiteflamingo

    No Thanks Sunwell..here is why

    You could not be more wrong. I frankly don't give one shit at all. I was simply pointing out what is obvious to everyone. I hope all the corrupted and cheating people will be very very happy here and I sincerely mean that I am not being nasty. I am on to Netherwing in less than a month where an enormous amount of time was spent getting everything right. The more people who play here the less crowded it will be there. Since you appear to be one of the happy cheaters here I can only say I wish you well with your server that you bought before day one. Your forum attacks will not change what we have all seen and you are wasting your time trying to defend it by attacking those who comment in forums. You have not hurt my feelings a bit as I am laughing at you. Get on with your privileged access server and on with you duplicated toons and gold and stop wasting your time in forums. I could not be happier for you !! Bon voyage ..I am on to Netherwing!!
  2. Whiteflamingo

    Wipe the Server: POLL

    If privileged access was sold then that is a clear demonstration that this server will revolve around greed and money rather than the fair platform that was promised. Cant wait for classic wow..these private servers scams to rake in real money are sickening and I know that a lot of us have had enough. No doubt Blizz Legacy will not be perfect but it will not represent a constant re-roll situation with realms where people who don't make a pay check instead engage in underhanded selling of privilege, gear and gold as a living in real life. Just can't wait for Blizz Legacy. Mark Kern was right by the way. He begged not to have our original code from Nostalrius given to Elysium to prevent what is happening right now. He called it advance and he hit it on the nail. When Legacy finally arrives the private servers will be done. People are sick of secret privilege arrangements with gear, gold and access. See you all there...cuz I for one am over it.
  3. Whiteflamingo

    No Thanks Sunwell..here is why

    No..you don't. That is all.
  4. Whiteflamingo

    No Thanks Sunwell..here is why

  5. Whiteflamingo

    Hey MrCule remember me?

    Hey MrCule !! remember me ? The person you told that this server would be fair ... In about 6 or seven hours everyone playing will encounter the super ugly gankfest at Redridge and STV where all of the "capped" players are sitting and ganking. When it happens this will become super ugly because the correct decision to wipe and restart was not made sooner to stop this from happening. This is poor management. Also at MrCule...you promised a fair server remember me? This is your idea of fair? You have locked your messages which is why I am addressing you now in forums. Part of successful and positive management is accountability. You see the problem and you know that it will explode in about 6 hours... Instead of allowing folks to continue to level to that you should make a management decision to wipe and restart instead of allowing the server to progress to that. I will not write again no need to ban me for speaking the truth. In 7 hours I will simply post... "I told you so" so do what you will.
  6. Whiteflamingo

    No Thanks Sunwell..here is why

    I was ready to log in and level up on time and you guys were not ready. As a result of that we have hundreds of people who have already been leveling and grinding up ahead of us. I don't really care so much about the mat grinding but here is where it it does matter. I play Alliance..you know the side that you gave an experience buff to in order for them to play and try to even out the faction imbalance. I only play cloth wearers...specifically a priest. I have been playing wow since the original Vanilla drop and I have played nearly every private server. It has become routine as everyone know for there to be a gankfest at Redridge and STV. Now that you have screwed up the opening of the server I have zero chance of out-leveling the horde players or even staying even with the ones who want to sit in these places and gank folks. Your offer of capping everyone at 58...well thats not enough. It doesn't fix the problem now with hundreds of horde already leveled over 40 just sitting in these places and ganking lower players especially clothies. In fact, once they get to 58 or close then there is nothing better for them to do but sit on the bridge in Redridge and the Camp at STV and just farm the lower level toons who could not log in. The first ones to drop will always be the healers of course. This roll out was a *****show. The attempt to rectify it by capping all those now leveled hordes at 58 so they can camp us all... Its not going to happen... I am simply not that stupid. Alliance you lost a pro healer due to this roll out. I am moving on to a server where there is a fair release and I don't have to be chum for the gankers who are capped at 58 now.
  7. Whiteflamingo

    Still cannot log in hours later. NA player

    Kk Its hours later and I still cant log in seriously.... I am really disappointed. Why is there not even a cue for us.. ..I mean it just times out and says disconnected... Disappointed.
  8. Am I ?? Welp.....several hours later and I still cannot log in. Can not get past the connect screen and cannot make a character. Going to bed now. Disappointed. I am NA in case anyone else having the same problem is as well. So if you still cannot log in please identify if you are NA if you respond on this post also. Thanks
  9. Whiteflamingo

    Server cap and how do you plan to handle the que

    I am constantly disconnected and have not been able to log in yet
  10. Whiteflamingo

    Faction imbalance

    While I understand that many people are focused on the pvp aspects of racial imbalance I can tell you that trying to level Alliance as a cloth healer against ganking horde is just simply a nightmare. I never level i a group because I am moving too fast. Still right around Redridge the leveling train comes to a screeching halt do to ganking horde. This is very annoying and this is the reason that I think that Alliance should have a leveling xp advantage. More and more as I find myself rerolling on new servers I really just feel the desire to quit when the horde start ganking during leveling because it is just so unfair and as a clothie they just simply one shot us.
  11. Whiteflamingo

    Reroll....again!!???? For real..lets all talk

    kk I am going to try one last time and if everyone abandons ship again I am going to be done. There are only two choices to make to pay or not to pay....that is the question. If we all pay then our talents and commitments as players cannot shine through and be reflected in the gear that we are wearing which is the way it is supposed to be. You are supposed to be able to look at someones gear and know how much effort, time and loyalty that they have put into their toons and the teams that they have played for. If we all settle for pay to win instead it is nothing more than all of us pitting our wallets against each other and we have all seen people who are geared to the teeth with best in slot gear who literally cannot play their toons effectively either on the meters or in combat. It is very disturbing for us to deal with that which is why we all keep coming back to NO PAY TO WIN servers. My hope in making this post is that we will finally all accept this is the actual truth and that to get the gear that you want and clear what you want to clear you need to be a committed reliable player that is LOYAL to a server long term. Our characters are what we make them not what we buy to throw on them and once all the pay to win players buy all their best in slot..well no one wants to play with them anymore and frankly there really is no reason for them to play simply because they already have it all. It has been said before but its worth saying one more time for the folks who just have not gotten it yet. It is all about the journey. Its about the time you spend grinding with friends and laughing. Its about finding the right team where people really do care for each other and share the gear so the team can succeed. It's about helping other players that you pass when they least expect it making their day brighter because you just passed them all the bags they need but cannot afford or helped them get their mounts because frankly you have done so well you have gold to spare. It is all about the relationships that we make in the game. Let's all commit to this NO PAY TO WIN server and stay this time and make it work because constant rerolling is not fun and you really don't end up better off for all of that rerolling. I'm in!! Looking for a 25 man team that raids three days a week and i will be playing a very experienced warlock or priest and both eventually. I am NA but my raids times are completely flexible. Happy dance .......Happy dance........Happy dance........
  12. So...I saw the advertisements for this new server and my first response was excitement because I have not played WOW in many months. But then I reviewed all the reasons why I am not playing and got really depressed. So I want to talk about an MMO issue that is really exhausting me and point out the obvious for a constructive discussion. It is important to first say that I have rolled, leveled up and geared characters on these realms I can list right off of the top of my head. Nostalrius, Elysium, Kronos 1, Kronos 11, Tauri/Evermoon, Lightshope, Northdale, Medivah, Felmyst, Warmane Outland...and probably a few more. I mean..i don't think that I need to go on as you all can clearly see where I am going with this. There are so many versions of myself that I can no longer remember where I have been and what my names and passwords were anymore. Syball has nothing on me. My favorite expansions were Vanilla, Burning Crusade and Mists of Pandaria. The last server than I spent months...and I mean months leveling up on and gearing was Medivah. I chose that server for the same reason that I am looking at this one. I want a place to play where I can level up and play in a NO PAY TO WIN environment. I am one of those people who grind all the time day and night. I make alts for all my needed professions and several bank alts. I love to raid. I had highest hopes when I went to Medivah because I am a player who has time to play and to grind all those mats for gear and raid consumables. I felt convinced that my time investment would be rewarded with nicely geared toons on a busy server where I could call home and just stay there and stop rerolling. I wanted to enjoy the benefits of all of my time investment spent grinding mats and consumables. So I spent months grinding my way up, loving the game again and the expansion and preparing to raid in nice gear that it took months to make and guess what happened? All the folks who demanded a NO PAY to Win server abandoned the grind and instead went to the Pay to Win side leaving my nice geared toons alone with no raiders and all of this time and work was wasted. The point that I am making is this. I am a player that wants a server long term to invest my time and efforts in for my characters and I am sick of rerolling, rerolling, rerolling, rerolling, rerolling..just after a few months when I get decent enough gear to really hard core raid. Guys..i am tired of this pointless rerolling and I know that many of you must be also. I appreciate that some folks just don't want to do the grind and would rather pay to gear up and play immediately...though it makes no sense to me personally because that is really what the game is all about and the friends that you make along the way. But there are some of us who just want a viable server with enough folks to raid who will not abandon ship when they see how extensive the grind is. I want a server that supports enough people to seriously raid and build a community where I can reliably put my time and efforts in and know everyone will not simply abandon ship for pay to win a few months later. On Medivah the moment that I made my last piece of spell strike infusion gear and the other accessories, which takes a long time in Burning Crusade it was over and everyone left due to the grind. The grind in Burning Crusade is real....know it going in. So here is what I am asking for from the player community....Pick a server...this one will be fine and if you know you are leaving for pay to win don't waste my time and efforts grinding and gearing here to play with you only to have you leave for PAY TO WIN. I want the server also to make a commitment to a community of NO PAY TO WIN people like myself so that we have a home long term rather than merging those of us who have worked our asses off for months to grind gear, attunements and consumables with other new players who will simply buy in seconds what we worked our asses off for. I mean is that too much to ask for? Why is there always a mob for a new server especially NO PAY TO WIN and then they all leave. So..can we just all get on the same page. Is this server going to remain NO PAY TO WIN? Will there be a commitment by devs that this server will NOT be merged down the line with a PAY TO WIN side of the same expansion? Will the players who have rolled and rerolled everywhere just decide for once are you going to PAY TO WIN or not and then stick with it for once....please....ffs. I cannot be the only frustrated person on this issue... Sorry for the grammar or errors.
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