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    billybobjoe banned by Crafty

    Your name - Billybobjoe Punishment Reason - Bug abuse Date - 10.02.2020 Description - Hello, today i was banned for "bug abuse" reason, which is most likely true. I used adamantite veins short respawn timer inside instance to get minerals faster. Im not sure how to call it exactly but i admit that it was "unfair" advantage that i had. To be honest i didnt expect that this thing is banable and thought that maybe some day it will be removed, thats it. As you may see/check i earned ~85% in default ways with grinding and AH re-selling. Aswell you can see on our accounts that we actively support realm thru services and reporting cheaters/bots and bugs ingame directly with tickets and discord channels. Id like to add that i didnt use any bots/cheats and other stuff, didnt sell gold, didnt affect any other rule. In fact there is nothing to argue with, i just want to admit that it was stupid from me and im sorry, apologize and try to solve this situation if its possible, as a reducing ban time or anything we can do with that. If there are any questions i would like to discuss them in additional conversation Thanks.
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