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  1. ziz500

    Twinking 79

    I was a old sunwell player(now playing on warmane..icecrown)...just wanted to ask..is any twink scene active on frosthold?
  2. ziz500

    79 twinking

    Yea the ally numbers sucks for now...whats the point to queue when hordes get double the number of twinks ally has...better premade than fapping 🤭🤭😄 PS-we are tired to see these guys everyday...same shit faces..hope PT guys find themselves on RIP premades too 😄🤭..i am happy slacking on discord..🤭
  3. ziz500

    Hacking or Using Glitches

    Your name -TwinkletoezReported player's name -ChuddyDate -03/26/2019Rule that was broken -Hacking or Using GlitchesDescription -This hunter just carries flag and mounts up at same time...Evidence -Video link
  4. ziz500

    Selling golds for dollars

    Your name - DumbelleReported player's name -IperzozoDate -2/23/2019Rule that was broken -Trading golds with dollarsDescription -i was at Dala..and the wisp arrived i checked hes a lvl 1 character...hope he made new one now...he was trying to sell gold with the dollars..trying to advertise some sites...Evidence -SS
  5. ziz500

    79 twinking

    Fear Alliance Friends...ssijek3 is back after he got his raporting's end..
  6. ziz500

    Player Insult

    Your name - DumblleReported player's name -SelvanaDate -29/12/2018Rule that was broken -AbusingDescription -Bad EmotesEvidence -SS
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