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  1. A quick guide i made for demo this morning, let me know what you guys think.
  2. Max-Dose

    [report] kallemera

    Topic content: Your name - incredilax Reported player's name - kallemera Date - 03/04/18 Rule that was broken - racism Description - being racist in public chat Evidence -
  3. Max-Dose

    [report] Gz

    Topic content: Your name - Incredilax Reported player's name - Gz Date - 25/01/2018 Rule that was broken - Racism Description - Gz was losing his mind in chat during a battleground, i asked him if he was ok and he responded with calling me a racial slur.
  4. Max-Dose

    <Team Ice> (NA)

  5. Max-Dose

    Streaming the launch

    Possible 24 hr stream. https://www.twitch.tv/dans_dreamland Warlock PoV
  6. Max-Dose

    3.3.5A Legion ReMaster Download keeps failing

    I am having the same issue speed wise, would be nice for a torrent. Edit: most likely simply from download distance.
  7. Max-Dose

    <Team Ice> (NA)

    Team Ice is a North American semi-hardcore guild of experienced and skilled players with a great passion for the game. We value strong relations within our guild and the community we play with. The goal is to have a relaxed and fun raid environment, where the raid leader doesn't have to tell you to move out of the fire (ofcourse we will call you out if you consistently don't). It is expected that you'll optimize your own performance and adapt to raid mechanics without someone holding your hand the entire time. This especially holds true for t7 content since it's incredibly easy, however in Ulduar the raid environment will be a little more strict during the initial progress. This is a guild for players who don't take themselves too seriously and can take a joke/banter whilst being able to play at a high level in raids (again, without someone holding your hand telling you what to do). Merged with <Retro>
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