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    [EN] Hello, we're a group of semi decent internet famous people! we are looking forward to tbc until summer when classic comes! we're looking for 30 people to join our raid team! at the moment we have about ten people from our classic guild that wants to do tbc, we're looking for 20 others at least! We're doing dkp zero system! it will be explained later! Our discord is run by kargoz and the mods! Dkp zero system is a mathematical system that work like this. over eight bosses and we have 14 pieces that have the following prices: 10,15,22,35,60,10,5,10,20,25,36,44,12,2 we have these in a plus then divided by the amount of people, IE. 306/25 giving 12,24 so all members will be given 12,24 so over 25 raid when everyone get the items we need the dkp system should be in balance but to do that we have a set price per item preset! If you are interested in joining the guild, please contact me on the forum or Discord. Raid Days: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday Discord will be given upon acceptance. Loot system: DKP zero system Officers: Bukk, Irish, Kargoz GM Theeda Sorry for my bad English
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