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    [Report] Excusemoi

    Your name - ShikoraReported player's name - Excusemoi Date - 15/01/2019Rule that was broken - Speaking non-English language in LFG dungeonDescription - Excusemoi was speaking Polish and refused to speak English after being asked to. Additionally, Grzmotek was also speaking polish but didn't say anything more after I asked to speak english.Evidence -
  2. snaplemouton

    [Report] Multiple people

    Your name - RoraReported player's name - Bonusbgc, Plasteneger and KunarDate - 2018-12-14Rule that was broken - Speaking foreign language in party chat.Description - They were speaking a foreign language in a LFG group.Evidence -
  3. Just sit on the feral and win the mana war. If you pressure the feral, your paladin should be able to avoid mana burns from the priest. If the feral dodge, just spam overpower. If he goes bear, just keep wailing on him, he's not doing a lot of damage if he's in bear. If you stick on him, he won't be able to hit you in the back easily. If he attacks you, he's just feeding you rage for overpower. If he try to go for your paladin, you can hit him in the back.
  4. Your name - Popora Reported player's name - Spankmyass Date - 2018-11-08 Rule that was broken - Ninja looting Description - The raid leader gave the Flowing Vestment of Ascent to a Warlock that didn't win the roll over the resto druid "Cacaww" that won it with a higher roll and proceeded to insulting our guild after we left the raid. Evidence - See included screenshots Also:
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