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  1. kopetrov

    Icecrown Citadel 25HC Boost

    . btw are the oozes gripeble?
  2. kopetrov

    Whats the current HC Progress for ICC?

    It took few guilds to get 9/12 hc in few days thats why there is no hype about it. And realm firsts are irrelevant , its just whoever started earlier gets most of them.
  3. kopetrov

    Criticism of Sunwell staff

    Even tho i do not pug and im in a raiding guild I support the person that made this topic. Ninjalooting is something normal here (99% in 10 man pugs) and those rules do not help at all. Whats you can freely ninja 10 man and 5 man loot? This sounds like we dont wonna bother with it to me. Now shit is out of control and u cant fix it. The server is great ,but this part is pure cancer so for further projects u should reconsider those rules, take some time and hard punishment at the start , make it clear u care and see those apes running around taking w/e they feel like in pugs stay in their caves.
  4. kopetrov

    The current state of the raids.

    Majority are casuals ? they can do 10 mans (tbf even a casual guild can kill most of your 25 man bosses) You have to realize its aint Feronis (no discrespect to the players there) and there are a lot of hardcore raiders in Angrathar that came expecting some challenge. Some guilds didnt sleep the 1st night and killed all just aint right.
  5. kopetrov

    The current state of the raids.

    When i logged few hours after release and saw Os +3 down....disgusting rly No one wants to log in for 1 raid day farm his purples and go do something else, thats not what u sold us to play here. Its not too late to fix it...maybe , i hope. Pls dont make it a boring farmfest like most wotlk servers and put some effort into those "buffs".
  6. kopetrov

    Angrathar: Boosted 3.0!

    Buffing the content is the way to go for sure but why are OS and EOE not touched? Doesnt make sense.
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