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    Community poll for xp rate change

    Since when 3-5x is considered ''high'' rate? And I play WoW in general since TBC expansion came out and I've experienced various private servers, xp rates and even Retail WoW. I do understand all the pros and cons, but to say that 3-5x is High rate is at best, mildly autistic. And no, it's not hard to maintain professions, if you want to rush - it's your problem. Also, if you complain about high rates so much, why not ask for 1x rates? So people can legit kill themselves due to tedious struggle?
  2. Magnums911

    Community poll for xp rate change

    My response to those who say that ''higher xp rates will force players to beg for gold for their spells''. Listen up... I have level 63 mage on WOTLK server. Despite having 2x xp rate I still needed A LOT of gold to catch up with my spells, the only reason why I managed to fill that void was because I had picked mining + herbalism along the way and constantly sold my gathered items to Auction House, which let me earn nice amount of gold (around 1000 in total). My point is that gold will be needed REGARDLESS of on what xp rate you are playing on. I would never have enough gold for my level 63 mage, if I hadn't picked up professions so yeah, if someone still thinks that by leveling and questing on lower rate servers are enough to sustain enough gold for spells then rest assured - it's not enough. You will always need more gold to train spells. Now to answer the other point made regarding poll and 1x rate. Of course, we can put that option in, but I can fucking bet my house on the line, that from 1-5 xp rate options, 1x WON'T be a majority of voting, people are not so masochistic as you may think. If there are some nut jobs out there, you can be sure that they will be in a minority. Normally people choose the middle ground, which would be my offered 3-4 rates. But regardless, I think Sunwell admins should make this poll and act accordingly. P.S. Selling xp boosts for cash is very shitty move IMO. That's even worse than playing on high rate realms (fun servers), this is p2w in a way. Some just don't have enough time due to work or other activities, while other's can just ''buy their time'' so to speak. Not ok.
  3. Before I get slammed by everyone calling me dirty casual, just let me speak, ok? Good. I understand the appeal of leveling up with as much struggle as possible (although it makes little sense, since it makes the game more tedious and not harder), but it makes little sense to me to be forced to spend so much time on leveling your character, while you can never be sure about the longevity of servers especially like this one, since it's a private server and could technically be shut down in any moment and with no further explanation. Not to mention that nothing will work on whole 100% so this is another aspect where we can lose potential experience gained from quests for example, which then again wouldn't be a problem in official servers. What is my point? My point is that Sunwell administration should put up a poll for community to vote on, so we can decide on what rates we want to play this game (TBC specifically). Keep in mind AND THIS IS IMPORTANT! I'm suggesting to change ONLY the leveling experience / questing rates, which means that professions, drops and everything else - remains 1x Blizzlike. What's wrong with the current rates? 2x in my honest opinion are way too rough option, considering the time investment and the risk itself of running a private server. What options I suggest? The poll rates would be entirely up to the Sunwell administration, HOWEVER, my personal range of what I find to be acceptable for the time investment, while still keeping the feel of Blizzlike TBC server is from 3x to 5x rates. Above that, in my opinion starts fun servers, but 3-5 is the perfect border to maintain the feel of Blizzlike server, while not making the community to take on such a huge risk regarding server stability. Please, Sunwell administration, take this post in consideration and let the community vote to decide on what rates we want to play - majority should decide it. If I had to make a poll, I would have these options: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x. That's all. P.S. (I would pick 4x) Sincerely, Magnums. EDIT: Alright, I'm adding poll to vote, but I still suspect that many will troll and for the sake of ''proving their point'' pick the 1st option, but still, I can give this one a shot.
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