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  1. what do you mean? seeing transmogged gear can be disabled? I actually find xmog somewhat anoying as you have to target the player again after seeing their gearlevel (which at first is too low due to gearscore reading the IDs of the xmogged models at first, not the IDs of the actual gear from the databases as I see it, - it's behavior makes me think that way).
  2. Naud

    No Thanks Sunwell..here is why

    you clearly don't feel his way as you don't get to feel the cry of his heart or not accept it. So you're then: "I don't care but i want to make fun of people who dare to blame the staff, /wink/wink/smirk/embarrass".
  3. Naud

    Cheer up please.

    Sunwell staff might've even not tried to catch them, it's just enough to wipe their results, nothing much. And at stable server they'd have to show their skills at leveling on a new server while aiming for the server firsts. And personally I think that 1 day for 58 block is too few. If people have true skill then they'd still get the first places even while having just 10 levels left till the result. So staff could change much more if they actually wanted it.
  4. Naud

    Wipe the Server: POLL

    i think he means the upcoming in January tbc server. I won't post the name of it to not advertise - got to know about it in the discord channel yesterday. People just spam it and threaten the admins that they'll go away from such a TBC start
  5. Naud

    Wipe the Server: POLL

    they don't seem to be wiping it, administrator Dredd said on discord: But I ask, shouldn't it be the players to actually decide whether to wipe or not? There's the results of those polls clearly stating that the majority, 2/3, are for the reset. We waited for long hours to get into the game and spammed the buttons all over again. It all means that we'd prefer to start it over again. But then those who were always online at that time indeed would be losing a lot of time from while they were leveling their chars. But then the majority of people still were losing their time, - and more unpleasantly btw. What is it at the admins' side that makes them not to wipe the server? Shouldn't they pay attention to the wishes of the majority of people? I'm not sure about all those VIP accesses, but the more i think, the more i'm getting convinced about it. And I sort of tend to abandon any such privileged servers, I'm even more okay with the donation for gear, but something of this caliber (if it's true), all this show, act. It's only left to get some more disconnets to get people sure that it's still unstable. But then it's pretty hard for the staff to proof that there weren't any of such sort manipulations in existance and that it all was due to chance (but it is somewhat unbelievable that a server start can be like that at our days and at those who already have 2 servers running). What I still find strange and what might be said for protecting the admins is that those admins who control the logon server should pretty much be able to just give the gold, levels, rates, gear to whoever they want to. Or they don't have the rights in that aspect? Though ofc some have different tastes and wish to just walk the virtual way as first ones and might be paying for that... I wonder if there's any chance of proving anything.
  6. I rly don't think it's enough or that it'll manage pretty much anything. Unless of course those around 40 level already don't need to sleep or smth. Getting more and more disappointed. If it's just for the realm-firsts then it's stupid cause you don't really compete with anyone as they're offline (and they're even streaming it). The resources are out there indeed. And the day 1 is sort of over after like 4 hours. Which gives them just enough time to reach that 58 level. BTW found a vote about server reset: https://www.strawpoll.me/16953553/r . Really doubt it'll do anything cuz so far my doubts are already around 70%
  7. the time out from the game stacks. Ofc when you can't just play all days long then you can be told as "what did you expect, it's a time-consuming game where the amount played increases the result". But as far as competition goes, there's always imbalances which are meant to be theres. But somehow we do keep on playing, doing PvP and PvE, closing our eyes on the stupidness of the situation (if you get it down and analyze it by bricks). Those who got from the 1st day knew that the server is gonna launch. And got prepared. You ofc can't expect that the ones who come later would get quickly through that gap. The balancing feature is the interest of those who plays the game. The feelings that the game brings, and analyzing feelings will get you lose a big part of those. I speak out of some emotions from my perspective. It might be one-sided but it is the most i care of and see at this moment. I still think that the wipe is a good idea. I want the play as fair as it can be, even though it's hard to be achieved.
  8. 1. I don't state it, i just merely point out the possibility. 2. True, it's just cause i can't play and i see that many can't play and i see that some actually CAN play and are at the mid levels already. So the disappointment arises after all those high expectations. Nothing much, nothing less.
  9. say for yourself or from where you got that idea? It's like "the majority" is what the certain group wants to say but in Discord you can see all the storm.
  10. those online are by far almost same as me, got the low levels which can be quickly regained back if the server is stable. And the wipe is pretty much the only possible guarantee that there's been no manipulations with the vip logins. Getting far from others is also not that awesome cuz you understand that there's no way most would be able to compete in the way the server didn't allow them to enter.
  11. read the Discord and see where all that comes from. It's not just me, there's a lot bunch of people feeling the same.
  12. i'd still prefer admins to do wipe, i was able to get to 9th level with all those problems and disconnects, all that nasty spamming and pretty much no sleep... On discord noticed that someone said that they did the wipe on some other realm after experiencing similar problems at the start of it.
  13. please i dont want to be rude. This is the big competition of some sort which happens far too rarely. It's not even just some another PvP arena season or PvE clear, it's a rare levelling competition in which there's lots of people involved. Ofc many don't care or don't even expect themselves to have slightest chances due to lack of time or wish (like with the PvP/achieves/Pve content, though theres always some ways of cheating and downgrading the achieve in the end, like levelling a char in a group to not have any offline time). Or you wanna say that you yourself are able to play this game happily with no competition at all and that you don't try to find another part of competiting? Recount results, bg or just PvP encounter wins, wins against mobs etc. And this levelling competition is just a part of the PvE content first-clears and of those who will get the "power" in both PvP and PvE contents. And funny how many can't even get into the game while retardedly spamming the buttons and typing in password while some people somehow stay online without being kicked and who gets the priority of log in or something.
  14. currently i'm only wondering if there'll be a wipe on this server, cuz if no then the realm firsts are just a joke due to this unavailability to even get in. And there's a screenshot going around in discord about some accounts already being at 30+ levels (and some of those belong to a group with the same guildname). I really wonder how they were able to stay online for such a long period of time or always get back on. Really hope there's no some sort of cash involved into such service.
  15. Naud

    Unable to login

    Sort of strange behaviour imo: server is up, but the population isn't big (457 accs atm judging by the site), also it dropped just to 2-digits now like 4min ago but the server continued having the uptime safe. And still can't enter. What's going on?
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