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    Fury Deep Wounds Your crutucal striker cause the opponent to bleed dealing 48% of your melee weapon's average damage over 6 sec. So should not it be that every critical hit should leave the bleeding effect on the target? If so, then after 4 crit in 1 sec with dmg 1715-2015 should tick be greater than 104 dmg as you think about this player. 4 crit in 1 sec (Whirlwind 2 crit + mele 2 crit )= Tick 104 on sec (Deep Wounds) WTF Dmg 1715-2015 tick after 4 critics in 1 sec 104 dmg on sec Bloodthirst BT 2632 dmg arp 72% = crit 4426 I am asking players to check this phenomenon if this is the correct dmg if not whether this problem applies to all dmg warka or only this BT sorry for my bad English.
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